Saturday, January 23, 2010

I love this boy...

I hate this hair....

It makes me feel terribly old...terribly old and WAY uncool. He thinks it is cool. My stylist thinks it is cool. I think it is a mess. He loves it and begs me everyday not to cut it. Everyday I think to myself (at least once), "that hair...that hair has got to go!" I threaten a cut...a big that involves a razor. He whines...he BEGS. And, I say to myself, "Pick your battles". So, the hair survives another day. Sigh.

Today was the Pinewood Derby for his scout group. He didn't put too much effort into his car and he was happy to place third in his den for the second year in a row.

He wasn't the fastest.

He wasn't the slowest either.

And, most importantly, he wasn't the shaggiest.


Jason and Erin said...

Yeah, if he's actively participating in Boy Scouts, you should probably let the hair thing go... :)

Caroline said...

You DEFINITELY need to leave his hair alone ~ it IS cool! It really suits him too. :D (Mum of another bwlh ~ me age 37, him age 12).

Caroline said...

Oh - and CONGRATS on the florabella win (no, I'm not jealous!!) :D - ENJOY!!

Caroline said...

My tot's actually up for a cut this week - his IS a mess, but my teen is the one who's hair I like long... ( - he's the really tall one!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

I think his hair is cool :o) Congrats on winning the
Florabella collection! I just LOVE her pictures and have following her kids' blogs for years...they are all precious!

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