Friday, January 22, 2010

15 Minute Photo Challenge

When I recommitted to blogging, I mentioned that one of the things that I was doing this year was concentrating on photography. To that end, I joined a local photography group in an effort to meet, network, practice and learn with others. I was SO nervous to go to the first meeting...walking in to a restaurant to join an established group. Man, glad that is over!

Another way I want to work on my photography is through doing a 15 minute photo challenge every week. I got the idea from this dude...I've learned a ton from his site. It is all about taking just 15 minutes, one lens and seeing what you can come up with. Basically, practicing photography!

For this first installment, I am using shots from a little shoot I did with my new photography group. We met up downtown and were assigned random props. I got this crazy little devil duck. I also did a little work with an old camera.

Lots to learn, but it's a start....

This was a pipe in an empty fountain. I just loved seeing the light from the other side.

This really makes me laugh...if you are from OKC, you know there ain't no "under ground."

The teal in this shot is from a huge (like 25 foot) exclaimation mark that sits along Park Ave. downtown.

Just liked the look of this camera with a little texture.


Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Ooooh! Great shots, Leigh. I LOVE the first one...a lot! So cool. Keep up the great work...and post more :o)

Julie said...

I love that you're taking time for yourself with the photography. I need to work on getting some sort of hobby that doesn't involve cooking.

nanochromaddict said...

Haha crazy duck, I love those. His expression tops it all off! Oh hey saw ur blog because you won on iHeartfaces!! Congrats! :)

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