Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reunion Tour 2020

Dillon Friends,

My recent computer crash, coupled with my blog tinkering, has resulting in some lost links and a little frustration here. I'm still out checking blogs and popping into the forum as time permits, but I just feel like I'm losing touch. It seems we all had more time to post during our waiting phases and now our posts are getting fewer and farther between. (I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin'...I'm not calling-out any 6 kidded-mothers or anything...)

You may have not heard, but I am putting together an informal contact list of families associated with the Dillon Vietnam program. If you are interested in being included in a master blog roll and (private) email listing, please hop over to the forum and post your information. Or leave a comment here and I'll contact you. I promise (PROMISE, PROMISE!!!) I will not sell your information to the highest bidder. It is tempting, but you can trust me! And, if you submit your info, I will email you a copy of the list, but only after you swear upon the head(s) of your child(ren) that you won't send silly chain letters and stupid jokes en mass to everyone on the list! I've been at this a couple of weeks and have gotten a great response, but I got to thinking that not everyone is active in the forum but they may still lurk around the internet.

I know that because of my family's relationship with Dillon, and our closeness to Tulsa, we'll always participate in their official reunion events. However, I wanted another way to be able to contact others that have participated in this program in the last two years. In addition, as Little Sister grows I thought it might be nice to keep up with others that shared her orphanage "roots."

Besides, who else is gonna organize



(I'm not accepting deposits yet, but start saving your pennies!!!)


Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

We're in a LOOOOOT sooner than 2020! I'm still thinking that there is one more little Cook waiting on us yet! :)


P.S. - Can I be the Cruise Director? I've decided my dream job is concierge! :)

Leigh said...

You may absolutely be Cruise Director! Truly, after witnessing your travel planning skills, I will gladly turn the WHOLE thing over to you. It is just my catchy way to try and extract email and blog addresses from the unsuspecting.

p.s. "She" is surely waiting for you...

David, Shelly and the girls said...

I take that personally...however, guilt doesn't work on me!!!!!!! (Sonic drinks do though! :)) I promise to update in the next few months.........

Dianna said...

You seriously want to turn our children loose on an unsuspecting Vietnam??? All at once? Oh dear... I'd better start preparing my husband now... :)

You already have my info. But I think this is a GREAT idea!

Jessica said...

I think this is a great idea! Sign me up! I would hop on over to the forum but as we all know I was exiled from the forum because of 3 mean people who I have forgiven so I will not say who(NOT you of course lol). ANYWHO, my email is and my blog is . If you would like the rest of my contact info just shoot me an email =)

Anonymous said...

Well you have my info and I will start saving for the Reunion of 2020!! Thanks for organizing this!!

Kathy said...

Count us in -,

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