Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're All Special

Lord, help me...I don't think we're gonna make it through 3rd grade without the direct assistance of the Sisters. It's no secret; WB has been known to have some "issues" in school. (Not the learnin' kind, the mindin' kind.) I'm about ready to play on his fear of Nuns and send him to Catholic school!

Even in his nonconformity, he's developed some strong allies at his school. The fact that he can be a very charming kid isn't lost on me. What I don't understand is how the staff can "like" him, given some of the behavior he apparently displays.

A few nights ago I ran into one of those allies, a teaching assistant that he had for a portion of last year. (And we are "over the moon" to have her again this year...Yea Mrs. Woods!!) WB has always been a "favorite" of hers. She always seems to "reach" him when others can't. I was bemoaning my pain over my kid's "issues" and she told me a story that made me laugh until I almost cried.

We were talking about how well WB was doing. She was very proud of him. "I always knew he could do it, I knew the day I met him on the first day of 2nd grade that he was...special. I liked the way he thinks and I knew we'd be friends." I was more than a little curious and so I asked, "Really, how did you know?"

She said that on the first day of 2nd grade, his teacher, Mrs. H. asked the children to think about what made them special. Mrs. H went around the room, allowing the children to explain their "specialness". Mrs. Woods said the comments were like, "I'm special because my dad takes me to the mall and buys me whatever I want." And, "I'm special because I'm good at soccer."

When it was WB's turn, Mrs. H asked, "OK, WB, what makes you special?"

In one of those instances that teachers apparently remember forever, WB responded:

"I speak to fish telepathically."

"Really?" Mrs. H asked.

"Not just any fish though...only "special" fish...cause I'm "special."

Lord, thank you that my boy is bright, creative and a good communicator. I do love him so, even when he's on my ever-lovin' last nerve. I hate to ask for more because I've been so richly blessed, but Lord...please Lord, can you just get him to mind his teachers? His father and I would be eternally grateful.

p.s. Thanks for the "special" powers; I haven't quite figured them out yet, but I'm sure they'll come in handy one day.


rachel said...

Sounds exactly like Ava. She is such an abstract thinker. We should get them doubt with their special powers combined they could achieve anything.

Lisa and John said...

Your post made me laugh out loud. As a teacher I've heard all sorts of things but speaking telepathically to fish is a new one!

Dianna said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA! That's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great--love it! (while understanding the frustrations) My oldest son (now 21) was the kind of kid teachers either loved for his creativity or hated because he messed with their well-set systems. Our first glimmer of challenge was with his Sunday School teacher when he was 4--she was so frustrated because he didn't like to color but preferred telling stories to the class instead. DH and I had a hard time understanding why it was such a crime that a 4yo boy didn't like to color. Fast-forward--he's a fantastic young man (wasn't sure some years he and I would survive each other), and his creativity continues to astound me.


Anonymous said...

P.S. He wouldn't happen to be a Calvin and Hobbes fan too, would he? Our oldest son was, and his little brother (now 7) is now following in his footsteps. If he's not been introduced to those books, I bet WB would love them too! (Warning: can be dangerous)


The Efirds said...

HAHHAHA! To cute!

ourfamilyfun said...

Ok I am a school administrator I just LOVE abstract thinkers! They make the job fun. :)

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