Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Little Piggy....

This Little Piggy had a party fit for a Piggy Princess!

The bakery thought our request for 4 dozen pig-faced cookies was a little strange. That is, until JB explained we were celebrating the first birthday of our daughter, who was born in the Year of the Pig. We decided that one of DoriGrace's annual birthday traditions will be that we celebrate with Piggy cookies. They are so adorable and I look forward to having something that is uniquely "her."

Of course, you gotta let the kid play in the cake...

(Folks say that she looks like me...I can almost see it in that picture ;o)

The party was a grand success and we are so thankful for all those that celebrated with us. (Near and far) Aunt Lo outdid herself and demonstrated unparalleled SWINE appreciation. (Who knew there were so many little pigs out there?? Even one from John Ross!!!)

Now...we've gotta get more shelves for this Piggy collection....


On a technical note, I am struggling with this new computer and my old posting ways. I had the cutest slide show put together, but it seems the relationship between photobucket, blogger, and me has changed forever! This is maddening!!!!


Thomas & Cathy said...

Hello- Cathy and I would like to talk to you! Can you email us at ?


jjm said...

Oh my gosh!!! She could not be any cuter with her pigtails and icing all over the place. LOVE the pig cookies by the way. What a great idea!

On a totally separate note: Prison Break. No question. What is wrong with all of these "vampire hair" people? Really.

: )

The Efirds said...

She is too cute! Glad that you guys had a great weekend celebrating!

Jessica said...

So cute! Happy Birthday!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! I think doing piggy cookies each year for her birthday is a GREAT idea! I wish I would have thought of that :o) You are too clever. The pictures are so cute! I just love her piggy tails :o)

Julie said...

You came through with the piggies. Hope DG had a great first birthday!!!

Tricia said...

Happy birthday little peanut Dori Grace! She is very very cute :)

maxhelcal said...

The piggy cookies are such a cute idea! Who would have thought pigs could be so adorable???

By the way, I am glad you finally commented on my blog (even if it was over a candle holder! haha. I would have never found your blog. Now to find the time to back track and read your story. I'm on it!


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