Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Almost One!!!

DoriGrace is turning ONE on Friday!!!

I'm feeling very reflective about this first birthday. On one hand, I'm so thankful that she's been home for almost 8 months. She is so totally and completely integrated into our family. We are so happy and blessed.

On the other hand, I am having a hard time getting excited about her "birthday." I've really been thinking about it a lot, trying to get to the root of the issue and I think that it has something to do with not being there on the day of her birth. I guess her referral date, or her "Boothday" as I like to call it because it is when she joined the Booth family, is what seems more like a "birth" to me. After all, it was when she was introduced to us...when she joined us...when we came to know of her. I know...strange...and I'm sure I'll get over it.

I just have to look at that little crazy face, with the three-toothed smile and the insane hair and I'm so incredibly thankful for her birth, for her Boothness and for all she is.

Happy Birthday Busy Booth!

p.s. Her father picked the outfit, and yes, those are enormous macaroni and cheese noodles in her mouth. Not the greatest picture, but I got some good ones coming...


Laura said...

I totally understand! The birthday of a biological child brings back so many memories and emotions, while the birthday of an adopted one may not have even made a dent on the family calander. It's referral day, meet-ya day and gotcha day that carry so much more emotional weight for me. YET, it's obviously a significant day for the child. On Reagan's birthday I found myself thinking a lot about her birth mother and just being so grateful for the woman who choose to give her life and allow us to raise her. I think in time - as the birthdays become a bigger deal to Reagan - we will celebrate because it's fun for her and because soon we WILL have many memories of the birthdays we HAVE gotten to spend with her. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Jessica said...

Emaline has that same outfit. Except I have a sneaking suspision(sp?) that Emaline's is a lot bigger if Dori is as little as she looks in pictures.

Maybe it is because my daughter is my only child but I have to disagree with what Laura said(and am seriously troubled by it). The date of my child's birth defintly makes a dent in my calendar. Emaline's 1st birthday was a bit weird to me but I think it was more like "I have only had her for 6 months how can she be a year old already" that made it weird but not because she didn't come from my body. Yes, I too thought of her birthmother, how grateful I am to her and wondered what she was thinking that week but this is no way lessened the specialness of her 1st birthday to us. Cherish this time! Even though you weren't there when she was born you have been blessed to have way more of your child's 1st year than most of international adoptive parents get to have. So celebrate all the memories you have made as a family... the good and the bumpy(pun intended). have a wonderful week!

Happy Birthday Dori Grace you beautiful little thing!!

Heather said...

I don't know if it is harder to believe that she is going to be one (meaning that they grow up so fast) or that she is just now going to be one (because you have had her for so long). Does that make sense? It totally does in my head, but maybe not so much in writing... Anyway, enjoy her birthday. It's fun to celebrate, but I gotta agree that the Forever Family Day is super special, too.

Lisa and John said...

Happy Birthday Dori Grace! So glad that your mom keeps up the blog so that we can all watch you grow.

Anonymous said...

We're so glad your blogs are up and going again! We missed them.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORI GRACE! (tomorrow) We are go happy that you have touched our lives and that you are blessed to have such a wonderful extended family here in OKC. We love you!
Nanny and Papa Austin

Julie said...

Happy Birthday DG!!!!

I thought a lot about Bennett's birthmom this weekend. It's hard sometimes to wrap you brain around it.

Can't wait to see pictures of the big day. As always I'm sure she will look adorable. I hope to see some bows or piggies for the occasion. You just have to dress up that HAIR!!!

David, Shelly and the girls said...

Happy birthday cuteness!!! Birthdays do bring back memories of birthmoms and sad times too. It does get easier as they get older. I have heard it's nice to do something to honor the birthmom on days like this or just when you think of her. Something simple like light a special candle. it's hard with bio siblings because ALL they have is a birthday, not all the other days of referral, gotcha, etc. We used to celebrate all those adoptions days too, but they have subsided in the recent years because now they all feel equally celebrated.
Anyway, enjoy your day, cry a few tears for her birthmom and celebrate her special day big!! I always pray for my kids' birthfamilies that they will accept Christ so one day I can thank them face-to-face. That always brings me peace.
I still can't believe our kids are so big!

Dianna said...

Happy birthday DoriGrace!!! Both your mamas love you so so much. Enjoy the day!

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