Monday, August 25, 2008



My heart breaks for you.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Lawyerish said...

Thank you, Leigh. This means a lot.

I remember back when you had DG's referral, you wrote about how someone had asked you how you would feel if you didn't get to bring her home, and you were stunned that they could ask such a thing. I read that at the time and thought to myself that it would be like a death, and it truly is. Of course Noelle is not gone from the world altogether, but she is lost to us at least in all the ways we imagined having her, and the grief is unreal.

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  • 12/24/07 - G & R
  • 12/18/07 - Travel
  • 12/7/07 - Travel Packet/VISA Authorization
  • 12/06/07 - I-600 Approval
  • 11/16/07 - I-600 Received for Review
  • 09/26/07 - Referral
  • 03/23/07 - Log in Date
  • 02/23/07 - Dossier to Vietnam
  • 02/08/07 - Dossier to Agency
  • 08/08/06 - Switched to Vietnam Program from China Program