Sunday, May 11, 2008

Show Stopper

We often call little sister our "Show Stopper" because when we are out in public she regularly receives attention from those seated near or passing by us. She is SO cute, and so tiny, I think people don't expect her to be holding her head up, sitting, and wiggling as much as she does. Of course, we also get lots of commentary on the hair. WB has never been jealous of the attention his sister receives, on the contrary, he's just as proud as we are.

Today, after a wonderful lunch with our dearest friends, we went to the mall to exchange my Mother's Day gift. (The PURSE, but that's a(whole)nother story!) As we begin our decent down the escalator, I see a couple of women at the bottom of the escalator next to us. They are beginning their ride up and DoriGrace has already captured their attention. They are obviously talking about her, as they point and smile in our direction. As we pass, they say, "She's just adorable, look at that hair!" We smile, no doubt beaming with pride, and say, "Thank you."

When we reach the bottom and exit the escalator, WB turns to me and says, "You know Mom, they were looking at me first."

OK, so maybe we will have some sibling rivalry someday after all...


I've had such a great day! Surely, the best Mother's Day on record for me. I am so blessed and I feel very loved and appreciated today. Isn't that what it is all about?

I hope yours was just as wonderful!


Our Family said...

Great family pic! I enjoyed your story about WB. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they noticed him first, he is a pretty handsome young man :o)

Dianna said...

You have such beautiful children!

Sue "6" said...

WB & DG are both beautiful children. I think sometimes people (like me) forget to include the older chilren in on their compliments because those little dark headed girls are just so darn cute. Hope all goes well with DG's surgery. I'm still looking forward to meeting her before she gets grown. I know you have your hands full and I'm a very patient person. We'll be thinking of you all as DG continues to get stronger and healthier.

Jennifer said...

Hi there. Was googling people and this blog popped up for you. Congratulations! You must be thrilled. If you get a chance write me back on my work email. It's much easier for me, as we do not have broadband where we live.
I hope everyone is well. We can chat more when you email me.


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