Sunday, May 18, 2008

AI Addiction

OK, so I confess. I love all TV that is "reality". (I have a DVR, and I know how to us it!) I watched them all...from the early days of MTV Rea1 Wor1d, to Survir0r and American 1dol. I confess to being obsesses with reality TV. I'll watch just about every pathetic show about any pathetic creature trying to plod their way through survival, captivity, addiction, love, cooking and/or decorating.

And, I also confess...WB has been influenced a bit. So, when "Santa" brought a Wee, I was thrilled when WB asked for American 1dol. Woo Hoo! Finally, a kid's game that da mama can love and enjoy!!

However, I'm now questioning the appropriateness of it all.

There is truly something unnerving about hearing your 8 year old sing (at the top of his lungs while jumping on the trampoline):

"O...O....O....I...I just died in your arms tonight. Must have been something you said...I should have walked away...should have walked away." OR

"My girls in the next room...sometimes I wish she were you. I guess we never really moved on..."

Lips of an Angel just isn't an 8 year old's song. It's just wrong. I'm sure the neighbors are very impressed. Again, I'm reminded that my qualifications for "Parent of the Year" are simply limitless.


Here is a picture from the weekend. You can't really see, but the vaccination site has almost healed entirely. We are still on for our surgery on Wednesday. For some reason, they don't give you a time until the day before. We have our fingers crossed for the first available appointment. DG still wakes for a bottle once a night and I can't imagine not letting her have anything after midnight and then having to wait until 11:00 for surgery. The Princess will surely be telling everyone about the injustice.

Hey, maybe I'll be able to secure some more votes for "Parent of the Year"?


The Efirds said...

I have a hard time with the music thing too! I've really gotten into a Classic rock station lately that plays mostly 70's stuff. Yesterday Naia started singing along and I very quickly had to change the station!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery. I just know all will go well. Great picture of John with DG...She looks so happy and healthy...


The Efirds said...

Okay so what did you think of AI tonight?! I thought of you when I watched!

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