Thursday, May 8, 2008

Text Meseg Brake Up

My posts have been rather heavy lately, as I've been worried about the girl. While I'm still really worried, but I thought I'd lighten things up a bit...

Here's my slice of life for today:

WB is bellied-up to the bar, enjoying his taco dinner. He pulls a picture from his backpack that he has drawn today, and says, "Mom, did I tell you about text message brake up?" (Or, Text Meseg Brake Up as he has labeled it.)

"No, what's text message brake up?", I ask. He hands me the picture. It depicts a man, a woman, and a child forming a triangle with lines between them. In the center there is a broken heart.

He's so proud of the picture and he's proud to explain, "The dad wants to go to the bar, the mom wants to go to the casino, and the kid wants to go spend the night at his friend's house." ( he totally lost me with the dad at the bar??? What the??? Where does he get this stuff?)

And then...the true gravity of the situation settles in. "WB did you draw this in class or day care?"


Hard swallow.

"Did you show it do anyone? Oh my, WB please tell me you didn' it to your friends, or (gulp) your teachers? Where did this come from? What gave you this idea??"

"Just Ms. H...I only showed it to Ms. H...I didn't show it to any other teachers."

Great. That's a least the counselor and the principal don't think that your dad drinks, and your mom gambles, and you're pawned off to whomever will take you. That's comforting.

Surely we're still in the running for Parents of the Year?


Little sister's surgery is the 21st. It sounds like a pretty simple deal, but they do have to put her "all the way under." Of course, I worry that she isn't even 14 lbs yet, but the surgeon is great and assures me he's done much smaller. We've been SO impressed with Children's in OKC. Yes, it takes forever, but they seriously seem to care about our princess and that really calms me.

Well, as much as a neurotic, over-protective (and obviously gambling-addicted) mother can be calmed.


Steve said...

Leigh you are absolutely great! I just love reading your posts as they always leave me laughing...well maybe not the serious ones about DG. We've been praying and will continue.

Hugs - Jake & family

David, Shelly and the girls said...

Wow, your husband and you cover your addictions well, I had no idea! But really, not too many casinos in VN...
I understand our fears. Kenna had to have a cyst removed from under her eyebrow when she was only home 2 months (11 months old). It's never easy on momma.

Anonymous said...

Is that why you pawned your kid off on us tonight? Please tell me you don't leave poor DG in the car with the windows cracked while you run in the casino? :-) Love the updates. Keep them coming!

Lo Lo and Lew Lew

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