Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Everything Hurts"

WB says "Everything Hurts." Obviously, he feels like crap, but what has bothered him even more is the fact that he's lonely. We've kept him away from his sister and he doesn't like it one bit. He sneaks downstairs and appears in the doorway and say, "Mom, can I just stand right here so that I can talk to sis?"

So far, she's looking healthy. I guess the rosy cheeks were a result of my mind racing to the possibilities I thought I was facing with the flu bug in the house.

WB will be home tomorrow with JB. Hard to believe that I'll be taking sis to day care to escape the plague in our house. How ironic is that...she's off to the land of green snotty noses to stay healthy?


Heather said...

Well, a green snotty nose is better than the flu! Hope Spring brings health to your house! :)

Heather M.

Erin said...

Oh ICK! There's nothing worse than seeing our babies sick and not being able to help them. I hope everyone gets better soon and DG doesn't catch it! :(

Anonymous said...

We hope today is a better day for everyone, especially Walker Booth.
It's not fun being sick. I have no idea how we have been so lucky to not get what's going around, and it's everywhere! I'd offer to help but I worked today and will tomorrow and maybe the next day at the county election board. Take care.
Love, Mary (nanny)

Leigh said...

Thanks Nanny,

WB is feeling much better and will be off to school tomorrow. So far, so good with little sister...she seems to be snot and flu-free!

Stay well!!

Heather said...

Poor WB! Hope he feels better VERY soon!

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