Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Was My First Clue?

Rosy cheeks...

Watery eyes...

Sore throat...


or being unable to wake WB from a Saturday afternoon naps?

We had plans to head to the twins birthday party today. That is, until my sister called to say she had one with "Flu A". We are sad, but we quickly make other plans with the best friends and move on....until the nap. The boy just isn't a napper. When we have trouble waking him, JB takes him to the AM/PM for a flu test.

Flu B....the Dr. writes scripts for the family, except for sister. She's too little.

And now the boy is upstairs, girl is downstairs, and the parents are running back and forth. In the last 30 minutes I've wiped every switch, knob, remote, phone and flusher with Clorox. I've stripped my bed since that was the nap location.

Sister's cheeks are getting rosy...she's napping...HELP! We are hunkered down for the long haul....wish us luck!


The Efirds said...

definite prayers! we've not had the flu this year, (knock on wood) but we get it every year. we've had other stuff though. not fun. get lots of vitamin C and plenty of fluids!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Oooooh, bless you! We'll be praying for fast recovery, good Tamiflu, and protected Sister! I'm still seriously picketing for that OKC bug bomb! :(

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