Thursday, February 28, 2008

Return of the Green Goo!

I've talked a little about DG's mystery arm infection, but frankly, I've forgotten how much I've really said. Since "It's Back", I wanted to mention it again in case any other Vietnam moms have had a similar experience.

I first noticed a small-(almost pimple)-sized bump on DG's arm on January 1st. (It is in approximately the same location as my small pox vaccine that I got in the early 70's.) I pointed it out to our Dr. in mid-January. At the time it was just a little red bump. In early February it began to swell and develop a center of green goo. It has been lanced, "drained", squeezed, popped and tested for MRSA. We've kept it covered and we've let it get air. We've had 3 oral antibiotics and two topical antibiotic rubs.

Two weeks ago we were referred to a dermatologist. It was a good day for the bump, it looked like it was healing and we were told to just watch it. We stopped the cream at the Dr's recommendation. It took about 5 days for the center to begin growing again, even while DG was on an antibiotic (for her ears) that is also prescribed for skin infections. (The Return of the Green Goo!)

At our 6-month check yesterday, Dr. A. says we need to go back to the dermatologist for a biopsy so we can figure out what we are dealing with. At first, Dr. A felt it was related to a vaccine; however, her last one in Vietnam was in November and the "spot" didn't appear until January. I've seen a similar spot in pictures of one other Vietnam adoptee. And my question is, Has anyone else had this experience?

In other news:

WB was back at school on Tuesday and did well for two days. When I got home tonight and looked into his eyes, I instantly knew he needed to go back to the AM/PM clinic for a strep test. The test was negative, but the Dr. said he had all the signs...including green snot in the back of his he's back on antibiotics.

Our latest formula has changed out lives. DG is no longer a screaming pooper. It seems she is both lactose and soy intolerant. I’m just glad we figured it out before the GI study.



jjm said...

Oh no! That poor sweet baby! We have had a number of skin issues, but nothing with goo. Here's hoping the dermatologist has some better ideas after seeing the gooey spot in all of its glory.

The Efirds said...

Our son couldn't handle regular or soy formula either. He was on Nutramagen(sp?) for a year. It was awful. We always said it looked like flavored water. He did grow great after that and pooped normally!

Laura said...

We didn't have the goo, but Reagan did have a small-pox type sore on her upper arm. The sore (now a round, intented scar) was a result of her BCG vaccine, and it was accompanied by a large, fluid-filled lump in the corresponding armpit. It stumped our pediatrician for quite some time, and since it never seemed to bother Reagan, we didn't worry about it too much. I finally did some research on my own and determined that it was an inflamation of a lymph node related to the vaccine. We never drained it, and it finally did go away, probably 3-4 months after we got home. If that sounds at all like what Dori has, let me know and I can e-mail you the medical journal articles and studies I found ( Good luck!

Jessica said...

Emaline has it too (and the other 3 in our group had scars). It is no longer hard and gooey but it it is still red. I think it is finally healing to an ugly scar. Our pediatrician (who is Vietnamese)seems to think it might be from a TB vaccine that is not used here in the states. She is going to do a tb skin test when Emaline turns 1 to see if it comes up false positive which is common with the TB vaccine(one of the reasons it isn't used here, that and it isn't that effective). Anywho, we had to put altabax on the bump for well over 2 weeks to get it to start healing(said to use for 5 days but that didn't do it). Wish you the best!

Dianna said...

Could it be scabies? One of the babies in our travel group had a bump that sounds similar - it looked like a whitehead pimple - and when they returned home it was diagosed as scabies... after four or five doctor visits.

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