Monday, January 7, 2008

What Time Is It?

I could easily title this, "Sleep, Glorious Sleep #2", since that is really the theme of my life these days. I finally crashed Sunday morning and slept from 7am to 7pm. Guess that explains why I am posting at 2am on Monday morning! Physically, I feel pretty good, I just can't seem to get my sleep schedule turned around. I guess this does make it easier to get up with DG at night. She seems to be having some of my issues.

We changed her to Soy as soon as we got home. The formula change hasn't really helped with the gas, neither did the drops. She's just working it out. She is breathing MUCH easier and not coughing up her lungs anymore, so things are improving.

JB starts back to work and WB is back to school in a few hours. While I know we need to get back to a regular schedule, I sure will miss all the QFT (quality family time). We've only had the baby out once, to go to the doctor, and we've only had a couple of visitors. We've tried to keep things as calm as possible and I think that is really helping. Of course, we had to bring Smore home yesterday. He was really surprised and curious about the small creature that had captured our attention.

DG is doing incredibly well. She is getting stronger everyday. She is now rolling over and getting better at stabilizing her head. She has grown to like tummy time and is showing real interest in her little toys and rattles. I've researched where she should be at 4 months, and amazingly, in the last two weeks she has almost caught up!! Now...if we can just work on that sleep schedule...


KellyO - I apologize for taking so long to get my photos sorted, but I finally sent two to Jynger for you this morning!


David, Shelly and the girls said...

Go to stinking sleep! I am almost out of Tide believe it or not. I am glad DG and WB are doing well. I'm sure JB was ready to get back to work, that means you pull the night shift!

Cindy said...

Hey, I want to have your problems right now! Can't get a flight out til next week! Trying to get the heck out of Dodge! Here I was ready to bequeath all my worldly belongings in Hanoi to Shelley! Now, it looks like I may still need my worldly possessions! Can't wait to get home!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Glad DG is doing better! I've been praying that her breathing would be easy! We'll pray that something approaching normal sleep will come soon, and that you'll have good stamina in the meantime!


Kelly said...

Thank you so much for sending on the pictures. I know life has been crazy, and I appreciate you taking the time to do it, especially mid jetlag! I can't wait to hear more about DoriGrace and your adventures at home.


Julie said...

I'm so glad that DoriGrace is feeling better. RSV is no fun!

Hoping you all get on a schedule soon. Keep those pictures coming. We love that hair!!!

DawnHa said...

Glad you are home and finally getting some rest. Poor Dori!! I had RSV a few years ago. I have never been so miserable in my life. I'll be praying for her, and for you to continue to get some rest (hopefully at night :)

I try to remind myself that my uninterrupted sleeping nights will be over soon. It is probably going to be a rude awakening all over again for Jason and I.

Heather said...

Leigh, I hate to tell ya, but my dr. recommended a very lose dose of ambien for me. I had stayed up helping the boys with their jetlag/schedule for over a week & it just prolonged my jetlag. After a couple of weeks, I had reached the end of my rope with no sleep! If yours drags on, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for recommendations...PEACE & SLEEP TO YOU!! So glad DG is feeling better! Can't wait to see more pictures when you're up & running!
Heather M.

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