Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Calling In The Big Guns

I am just so saddened and shocked by the plight of my fellow travelers! I can't believe they are still in Hanoi...still waiting on an interview...still waiting. Granted, we all booked tickets for the 10th, but we never fully expected we'd be there the whole time. Especially after things went to quickly for us. I mean, we've been home a week!

Shelly did say that "Dr. D" himself was up late working the phones on their behalf. Good. It is time. It is needed. I just can't imagine my family in limbo like this. (I didn't pack enough drugs to wait this one out!) The whole lack of response for them is so unbelievable! I keep telling them that it will end, eventually; however, I'm sure that would be more comforting coming from someone who actually knows WHEN it is gonna end!

At any rate, my thoughts and prayers are with and for my friends, Dave, Shelly, Kaylyn, Katherine, and Kayden; and Stacy, Chris and Beckett. If you've got a prayer list, please add them to it. They deserve to be home with their babies by now!


As for our house, we are asking ourselves this question: What is the real difference between a.m and p.m. anyway? I mean, if one sleeps a sufficient number of hours in a 24 hour period, does it really matter if they are a.m. or p.m. hours? Just curious...Little sister and I seem to prefer only sleeping during daylight hours these days. JB has moved upstairs to sleep during normal hours and DG and I are bonding over reruns of Without A Trace and Intervention, and the entire season of Boston Legal. (So...maybe that's not appropriate material for a 4 month old. Well, don't tell my social worker because we have post placement interviews soon! What else is a girl to do at 3:00 a.m.?)


Tricia & Kirk said...

Lucy and I were fans of VH 1 in the middle of the night! Glad you all are home and I'll keep the others in my prayers

malia said...

My favorite late night show was poker at midnight (I think that was the name of it). Mia and I really enjoyed those :)

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