Friday, January 4, 2008

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Perhaps it is because WB is eight and it has been a while since we've had a baby in the house, perhaps it is because we are still adjusting to the time change, or perhaps it is just selective memory, but I'd totally forgotten that having an infant was this hard! LOL! Little sister is really having trouble getting on a schedule. I am sure it is related to the fact that she surely must feel like crap. Her breathing so loud...and her nose is so wonder she can't sleep. Poor thing, she is so tired that when she starts crying, she almost gets to the point where she is choking herself. Last night, I was reading back over my posts from the trip and I was really laughing at myself. Didn't I say this was the lowest maintenance baby I'd ever seen. What was I smoking? She was obviously in shock then. It hasn't taken her long to realize she rules the roost here.

WB went through this RSV thing when he was about this age. I remember him sleeping in his carseat so that he could breath. Little sister is sleeping in her bouncy chair and it does seem to help. We are scheduled to go back to the doctor until the 14th. Hopefully we'll be able to get some medicine down her before then. She does get a little better everyday, but she sill doesn't sound good.

She rolled over for the first time today and is really getting stronger everyday, but is still really having trouble with gas and does (more than a fair amount) of screaming. So far, JB and I have been tag-teaming when she gets up at night, but that changes tonight since he goes back to work on Monday. Looks like I'm about to miss out on some more good sleep and catch up on all my Law & Order reruns.


Heather said...

Awww, hope she feels better soon. We went through so many bottles of Mylicon for gas relief I lost count! Everytime I made the twins a bottle, in it went!! Their tummies finally settled down after a few weeks home. The RSV sounds yucky; my kids never had it, but our niece was in the hospital over Christmas with it...hope DG feels better really soon!! Heather M.

Scott and Leslie said...

Yuck! Poor DG! You may consider putting a boppy under her crib mattress on one end. It will elevate one side so she isn't sleeping so flat. Try to get some rest while you can. Trying to get back on USA time took a while (for all of us). Keep us posted on DG's progress!

Rachel said...

Oh poor little thing. :( I hope she is doing better soon and I hope you all catch up on sleep soon.

Our Family said...

I have enjoyed following your journey so much, Leigh! DoriGrace is just so stinkin' cute!!! I just loved all of your posts from Vietnam and the cute stories :o)

I am not sure if DG's problem is the same as Sophie Le's or not, but Sophie Le had a VERY BAD time with gas and pooping from the first day we picked her up and for about a month afterwards. We finally switched her to Soy formula and she is doing great. She never has problems pooping anymore :o) I felt so bad for not thinking of it before because she was having such a hard time. Anways, it might be worth a try.

anne said...

I KNEW she would roll over today... I think I predicted it :)!

I hope the little sweat pea continues to improve and the nights get easier.

I am still just amazed at her. She is so incredibly beautiful and sweet. I am still beaming for you all. She's just perfect!

Anonymous said...

She is a glorious child! It was so good to see her even if I could't get my hands on her.

Walker seens so happy to be home and to have is sister and his dog with him now.

Keepup the god work and sleep anytime you can.

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