Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

We are home, safe and sound.

Thank you Stephanie, Lew & Lori, A, W, J, Miss Val, L & C, Nanny and Papa, and Cousin Beth with the midnight welcome at the airport. It was totally unexpected and will always be remembered! Even more unexpected was DoriGrace's nursery! Thank you to Miss Val, Julie, Beth C., Mary, Kelli and is beautiful and worthy of a seperate post...which it will get once we've had some rest.

This trip, this experience, has been one of the most positive experiences of our lives. Indeed, it is impossible to put into words the extent of emotion it touches in us. We will always remember the trip to DoriGrace, and one day soon I hope to be able to find the time to really write this story for her. There are so many things we don't want to forget to tell her. We will be forever grateful for the gift of our daughter. She brings such life to us, and we are humbled by the opportunity to be her parents.

We are now recovering from the trip. I couldn't get WB to sleep until 5 am. When he finally dropped, he slept for 14 hours. DoriGrace had a terrible night and went to the doctor today...she has RSV and an ear infection. She is on medicine and seems to be feeling better already. John Booth and I are just happy...tired...but so in love with this little 10.4 lb. bag of rice with crazy hair and big brown eyes.


Our prayers remain with our Can Tho partners...Dave and Shelly, Chris and Stacey. God speed!


Scott and Leslie said...

Welcome home! Sorry to hear that Miss DG is ill. She and Avery are suffering from the same illness:)). Rest and enjoy your bundle of joy!!!

Julie said...


We loved following your journey to DoriGrace. I sure hope she is feeling better very soon.

Get some rest now and soak her all up.

Dianna said...

Welcome home!!! Watch out for that jet lag - it's a killer :) I hope Miss DG feels better soon!

Ruth said...

Welcome home!!! I am trying to get caught up but was soooo nice to see the pictures! and the hair!! she and izzy can share bows! Let me tell you, we are still getting over that jet lag. But it's all worth it, as you well know. Happy New Year! Ruth and Izzy

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Welcome back to OKC! Will had RSV twice as an infant - blessings on you! Sleeping in the car seat or swing so he was way more vertical helped him immensely - it's worth a shot! A nebulizer also helped him really get over it the second time. Sleep whenever you can, though, because it took us awhile to have a normal night, and you haven't even had normal nights yet! :) We'll be praying!

Jill and Bill Hughes said...

So glad you are finally in recovery mode! Now you have all the time in the world to relax, enjoy each other and get everybody healthy! What a blessing! Love, Jill and Bill Hughes

Bettye, Traci & Pam said...

We are so glad you all made it home safe and sound!! When you make "the rounds" make sure you come see us!! Congratulations!!!

Cindy said...

So Glad to See you made it home safe and sound! DoriGrace is such a beauty! Just wish you guys were a little closer to Texas! I missed you by inches over here...but so glad you were able to come and go in such good speed. We have our interview on Monday and are praying for your CanTho Buddies!

Heather said...

Glad to see you home safely! I enjoyed following your trip! Hope little bit gets well soon!
Heather M.

Sue "6" said...

Welcome Home Booth Family!!!!

I have loved every note and picture you have posted during your journey...and have felt a part of your experience along the way...

I'm sure it's going to take a while to get your schedule back to Oklahoma time, and poor little DG, it's really going to be hard for her...Hope she gets to feeling guys get some rest. Looking forward to seeing you... and especially that beautiful little gift from Heaven!
Sue "6"

Heather said...

Welcome home!!!!!!

Nadra said...

So glad you guys are home. Hopefully DG will feel better soon. Get some rest. I've really enjoyed following your journey.

Welcome Home!!!

The Efirds said...

Welcome home! Prayers for rest and healthy babies!

erinlo said...

So excited to see you are home! Praying for Dori Grace that she will get well and for the rest of you that you get caught up on sleep! -Erin L.

PS- I want more pics of "the hair!!!"

Rachel said...

WELCOME HOME!! I hope DoriGrace is feeling better very soon. And try to get some rest. (remember: sleep when they sleep!) For me the jet lag coming home as a killer! I hope you fare much better!

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