Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Trooper and The Pooper

We've had DoriGrace three days...just three days... Hard to believe how time has flown...and also stood still. It is also interesting to me the similarities between how I felt after WB was born and how I feel with this baby girl. I can vividly remember looking at JB and asking, "What did we do before we had him?" It was as though we suddenly couldn't remember a time when we didn't have him. It is so erie that I feel that with DG too, and I hadn't expected it. At least not right away.


We had a bit of meltdown yesterday...and not the one you'd suspect. Not the babe and not da mama, but the big boy. (Aunt Lori can now stand up and say, "I told you so!" She gets to do that so often anyway!) Our group decided to skip the Zoo and go to a large enclosed market about six blocks away. About 1/2 way there, I glanced back at WB. He was holding on to his father's hand, sweat pouring down his bright red face and I knew he was reaching his limit. We made it to the market. We'd gone about 25 feet, through people grabbing at him, wanting to touch and talk to him, and that coupled with the heat was too much. We left the group and started back. He was crying, begging to just get on a plane and go home, he's done. At least we know where he gets it...ha! ha! It makes it easier to deal with. I really can't blame him. In America we teach our kids to be leary of strangers. Here, he's pinched and poked. He's just not used to this type of attention from strangers and he freaks out about it.

Anyway, we came back to the hotwl and got him cooled off. He and I stayed in the hotel while JB represented the family at the dinner with the Dillon staff tonight. JB truly appreciated the food and fellowship without having to worry about the rest of us. Walker and I will truly appreciated the quiet of the room, the room service and the TV and internet.

Our angel remains incredible! She was the belle of the market. Everyone wanted to see her and smile. She handles the heat and the attention well. She has FINALLY pooped so can stop worrying. Three days is a LONG time for a nine-pounder to hold in poop! We haven't changed a thing about her diet or schedule, but we certainly have overwhelmed every other aspect of her life. One thing they did at the center that I never did with WB and give the babies water. We've kept that up, just a litle, and I did add a little apple juice yesterday to help her with her "issues".

She continues to change, almost hourly, as she becomes more aware of her surroundings. In 48 hours she's gone from spending the majority of her time flat on her back, sleeping and eating to being constantly held and stimulated. She has opened her clenched fists, she is reaching for toys and her bottle. She's working hard at rolling over too. She can now spend some time on her stomach and hold her head up. And she is talking more and more. She is a great sleeper, inspite of her old three hour feeding schedule. She's up now at about 1 and 5 for bottles, but is quickly back to sleep. She's even decided that sleeping on her side is the way to go.

So, summing up the day...WB is done trooping. DoriGrace is finally pooping. All is well with us.

We fly to Hanoi this evening. (It is currently about 6 am on Thursday) We are now told that our interview may be Monday instead of Friday. As the VERY latest we care catching a bird on Monday night to begin our trek home!!! I am going ahead and booking Monday night. If we are done Friday. We'll entertain ourselves at the Somerset Grand. We'll have a full apartment there and Walker can have a pool...he won't have to leave the hotel!

Thank you all for your comments. They mean more that you'll ever know...


Aunt Jo Ann and Uncle Bobby said...

Beth is here to show me how to do a comment..have wanted to tell you how thrilled we are to hear all about your precious little girl..We are truly impressed with your strength shown in this adventure and can't wait to meet her..What a lucky little girl to have found the Booth family..Love and hugs Aunt Jo Ann and Uncle Bobby

anne said...

O-bo is here w/ me looking at the latest pictures of sweet DoriGrace. He loves the funny hair pictures the best. Parker wants me to tell WB that he now has a DS and Guitar Hero and he can't wait to play against WB!

Wow... so you're looking at getting home the 1st or 2nd??? Awesome! We are so anxious to see you and meet our new cousin. Give her smooches for us and tell WB to hang in there! He'll be home soon and we'll be there to greet him w/ bells on!

Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well even if we did have a melt down. I'd say if this is the first one you have been doing very good.
We are so ready to see this baby in person--the pictures are great though--so keep them coming if you can. Mimi

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

I think you've got FOUR super troopers in your family! :) I am dying to meet Miss Dori - she seems to be a real dream come true for all of you! Enjoy your time in Hanoi - we'll keep praying for smooth sailing the rest of the way - and no more hotel hikes! :)

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