Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Farewell HCMC!!!

This is our last post from HCMC, as we are leaving this afternoon for Hanoi and our last leg before returning home!!!

All is so well with the Booths...we are so blessed! Even though we've had to make accommodations and bargain with WB to keep him going, we are all in good spirits and ready for our afternoon flight. He says he's had a good trip and he's glad he came...just don't ask him to walk anywhere. LOL! Even with his moments, bringing him was the right decision for our family. He has seen and experienced some amazing things, but there are a few scary things that we are sure to be talking about (to understand) for a while. He'll always remember where his sister came from, and I look forward to the day when he can tell her what this experience meant to him. I am SO thankful it is something they will always share.

JB enjoyed his dinner last night and provides a couple of pictures of the city at night. He went out with the other dads this morning to collect the new passports. We check out at 1:00 and head to the airport. (In about an hour) Right now he is off to KFC to pick up lunch...yes, he is the best daddy in the world!

DoriGrace and I were up early this morning, so we went down to the lobby at 7:15 to meet our Dillon friend, Cindy and her daughter Jade. They arrived last night and were headed out to AnGaing (OK...that spelling is, no doubt, wrong.) It was nice to have 10 minutes to meet and catch up. I so enjoyed seeing the joy in her face and remembering that anticipation just one week ago! God Speed Cindy!!

Our princess is really picking up an appetite. She is so amazing...I just can't say that enough. I keep thinking she is bound to "twist-off" soon, but she just rolls with everything! She is happy in the carrier, happy being held, happy flat on her back, happy in the heat, happy, happy, happy. Let's see how she feels about flying! LOL...that may be her "moment."

I've run out of time for a slideshow. I promise a good one in the next post!


Again, thank you friends and family for your comments and encouragement. I can't WAIT for you to meet this special girl. SHE ROCKS!!

O-bo and P-Park...WB says, "BRING IT!" He can't wait to battle you on your DSs and play GH! WooHoo!

A, W, and Miss J - We miss you!!!


jjm said...

Already off to Hanoi... Wow!! You'll be home before you know it!

LJ said...

WOW!!! We can't believe that everything is going this fast. We are all so ready to see your family. Be careful on the next leg of your jouney. What happens next? Keep it comin!!


Monte said...

I just checked to see how you are doing. Sounds and looks like things are going great. Looking forward to meeting the newest Booth. We'll see you soon - can't wait to hear the lunch version of your trip!

karen said...

So glad to be included in the experience. Laughed and cryed along the way. Miss you, can't wait to see Little Miss Eye-Lashes.

Julie said...

Wow this sure is a quick trip. Glad WB is doing better. Definitely a lot for the little guy to digest. Hopefully the trip up to Hanoi is a piece of cake!!!

Robin said...

Oh my gosh! i can't believe you will be home next week! lori thought it would be like 3 weeks. i LOVE the bows in the hair. those are the pics i have been waiting for. i told lori it would be the best feeling to give DG a bath and dress her in her own clothes and put bows in her hair. what a guy WB has been. he may not know it now but, he will be so glad he went on the trip to see where is little sister came from. safe travels and i am sure you will be surprised when you get home......


Miss Val said...

I am so excited you will be coming home so much sooner than originally expected. We have all loved hearing the updates. What an amazing story. Walker has experinenced a lifetime of learning in less than two weeks.
I am glad KFC has been able to provide some comfort food, just get on back here and let your friends and family provide you some comfort food.

Miss Val

malia said...

Have a safe trip home! Happy to hear DG is doing so well and the fun WB stories.

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