Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Catching Up

I am catching up on photos.

Notes about this slide show - Notice how far away from the tree I am standing. I could not get Walker to go anywhere near the Monkey Tree, but I needed to include a picture for Will. One of my favorite shots is the one of the kids sleeping in the back of the van. It's funny, I was terrified the entire ride and yet, they just slept right through it.


Nanny said...

Merry Christmas, even though you have already celebrated it. It sounds like you may be on your way home, we hope so! Hopefully everything will go smoothly for you with the passport etc. and also for your travel companions.
We can hardly wait to have you back in OKC and see Dori Grace Booth. Lots of Love,
Mary and Bob

Nadra said...

Love the pictures...especially the hair...and I, too, love the sleeping kids picture. Innocence. Hope you guys are doing well.

Ruth said...

Leigh, she is BEAUTIFUL! we missed you by just a few days! I am tryin to get caught up but so excited for you and your family. Ruth (home with Izzy 2 days now)

Heather said...

So Sweet. Love all of the photos. I'm so jealous! I wish we were already there! Trying to be patient...seeing these sweet faces makes me even more ready for our referral. I hope that everyone continues to feel well and you have a successful trip to hanoi.
God Bless.
Heather M

jjm said...

I know you are glad to be back in hcmc and moving forward with the process. DG is such a cutie and i'm glad the monkeys didn't get you!!

x2jwalker said...

She is just beautiful and worth all the effort you hwave made to get her. You will have such wonderful memories to share with DoriGrace. I am sure Walker will tell his grandchildren about the monkey tree.

You were missed at our Christmas but yours was much more eventful.
God speedf--hurry home. Mom

erinlo said...

Leigh- Just catching up on oyur blog and it's so funny because I remember writing a post very similar to the one you wrote about it being the best and the worst day....I can TOTALLY understand the frustration and the joy!! Dori Grace is beautiful and I'm so impressed with how well your son is doing- what a trooper! Please know that you and your family are covered in prayer right now. Love, Erin L.

Sue "6" said...

Leigh, I have been reading your blog since you left, and am totally in awe of DoriGrace and how you have become a complete family in such a short time. Sounds like WB is a real trooper. Will be glad when you get home...can't wait to see your precious, beautiful little girl... Love ya...Sue "6"

Scott and Leslie said...

Love the pics of Miss DoriGrace's hair. Owen wants to know if that "is Avery"??!?!?!

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