Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures as Promised

**Things to note in slideshow. WB and DGB are related...note the hair. DGB is tiny...note that is the small Webkinz pig. We are in love with precious child #2...note every picture.***

***Tomorrow, pictures of the vicious monkeys.***

***Day Four - JB is sick...sick...he has broken into the antibiotic.***


Scott and Leslie said...

AHHHHH!!!! I love the hair - DG looks just like Avery!!!! I flash back every time I see your pictures and posts. Some of the clothes that DG is wearing, Avery wore too (and some of those are clothes that we donated). I hope that JB gets to feeling better soon. We are thinking of all of you and praying for GNR on Monday!

Daniel and Jamie said...

Love all the pictures. Hope JB gets to feeling better soon. Praying for a Monday G&R. Have lots of fun!

DawnHa said...

She is beautiful and precious. I love the wild hair. It so takes me back to getting Ky. He looked like a sumo wrestler with it all tied up on top.

Thanks for the wonderful supportive comments on my blog. You have been true friend to me. It is much appreciated.

Sorry you guys have not been feeling well. Hope you get better soon. Glad you got a little time to recuperate before getting Dori full time. I loved the monkey story!!!

Anonymous said...

+Leigh, DoriGrace is just beautiful and Walker looks like such a proud brother. We've been at your folks this evening for Canasta and have heard some of the story of your trip. What a journey! Hope your trip back goes well and we look forward to seeing Dori in person someday.

Donna and Leon Boggs

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