Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last Night In Can Tho

Today was a day of rest for the Booth family. JB was sick, but is finally starting to come around. I have been hurting with a head cold, I'm sure due to the drastic temperature change, and trying to get my head cleared. Even though we would have loved to have DoriGrace on Friday, having the weekend to get over our bugs has really been a blessing.

WB has really been a trooper! He's had a great attitude, inspite of being up since midnight (he just crashed at 6:30 pm) and being trapped in the room with two ailing parents. I did take him to the pool for a couple of brief swims and that, along with the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, have seemed to get him through. He is still surviving largely on french fries, soda, potato chips and chocolate during the day, and eggs and toast for breakfast...and remember, he's the only healthy one!

We finally had a break in the internet and I was able to catch up on some blogs and email. I doubt we'll get a post in tomorrow because we hope to get baby girl and be on the road to HCMC. I'm sure it will be an interesting bus ride with three babies taking their first bumpy car ride, with no car seat, for five hours!

I tried to get WB to go back to the Monkey tree--just for a picture--however, he's still too traumatized to entertain the idea. He now believes we should "stage" a video of his father walking too close to the cage and getting his hair pulled. He thinks it is surely worth $100.

Thanks for checking on us!


Nanny said...

Your experience with the Monkey Tree can surely be published for $$$. Thanks for all the time spend with pictures because they are keep us updated. Take care of all yourselves,(healthwise) and we'll continue our prayers for you all. Can't wait to see you all!
Our love, Mary and Bob

Daniel and Jamie said...

You are doing an awesome job of keeping us updated! I really hope you get to feeling better soon. The monkey story will definitely be a memory from this trip that is never forgotten!

Julie said...

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas. I love the monkey story and can't wait to see those pictures. Dori Grace is an absolute doll. Hoping you have your G&R tomorrow.

Bethie Q said...

Well, your story about the monkey and WB really got me in a much better mood this morning. Smileing and laughing at the computer-had to read the story twice!! Hysterical. So glad he was not hurt and that all is realatively well with you and the boys. I too think is was a blessing you had the weekend to recover. Would have hated to get the baby sick! Try to rest and relax before the big day. Just remember, we were prob. not even in car seats when we were little and we did just fine. I know you will be holding and protecting that precious baby girl with arms of steel anyway. OKC just survied another snow/ice storm that came on with a vengence and in true OKLA style left 24 hrs. later with strong sunshine to melt it all away by the next afternoon. Miss you all and I'm just so glad you will be a complete family for Christmas. Remember, Christmas is where you are and who you are with and we are with you. Love-Beth

Dan and Elisabeth said...

Thanks for the wonderful updates!! I just love reading about your experiences and seeing all the great pictures. What a wonderful Christmas memory!!

Nadra said...

Hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon. Can't wait to hear more about your adventure.

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