Saturday, December 22, 2007

Parenting in Vietnam

Lesson for the day:

While waiting in Vietnam for precious child #2, do not forget that precious child # 1 is only eight years old and do to his curious spirit, can not be trusted for one second.

There is a restaurant across the street with a large tree out front. The tree has a circular cage around it. The cage contains two small monkeys. Yesterday, we experienced one of those moments that mothers have the power to see unfolding before they actually happen. (Moms, you know exactly what I'm talking about!) Precious child #1 spies the monkey tree and runs toward it. Mom shouts, "Don't get TOO..." Monkey lunges at precious child # 1 grabbing him by the hair and pulling him toward the cage. Child screams. Husband runs to rescue. All the while Mom remains safely 25 feet from the action and is simply able to utter...."CLOSE...I said, Don't get too close!!" Child safe, but shell shocked, and cursing in true eight-year old fashion, "Death to those vicious monkeys! I HATE monkeys!" Dear husband inspects blood...all is well. Realizing that danger has passed, Mom selfishly wishes this one had been caught on tape for it surely could have been a contender on America's Funniest H0me Vide0s and offset the expense of some of this trip.


After the vicious monkey attack, we did have a nice meal in the restaurant next door. Seven people, shrimp, beef, and chicken dishes and JB had a Heineken. The tab was $21. We shopped a little. WB and I got new sunglasses for $6.

Sleeping schedule still messed up for all. We "took a nap" from 3pm until midnight and we've been up since then. Now it is the whole family and not just me. It is currently a little after 5 am and we are waiting for the breakfast buffet to open at 6. My favorite meal of the day...simple scrambled eggs and toast seem to work wonders for all of us.

Today will be a difficult day because we don't get to go to the center to see DoriGrace. Currently our schedule is to go to the center early Monday morning and visit the babies and wait to see if the G&R can be scheduled for that afternoon. If it is a go, we come back to the hotel to check out, and then go back to the center to get the babies and go to the government offices. After the ceremony, we load the bus for the 5 hour trip back to HCMC and the REX. (I can't wait for a real shower!!!)

We were all talking about taking a riverboat cruise this afternoon, but I may get a massage and pedicure while the boys hang out at the pool. The stomach bug seems to be taking hold of JB and he doesn't want to venture out far.


John has organized our photo bucket account and we'll get a link posted today so you can see all our pictures to date.

Speaking of pictures, several show a glimpse of the electrical infrastructure in the area. Unbelievable! This is really interesting to me right now...John is sleeping and Walker and I are up experiencing a complete blackout. We look out the windows and only see a few lights on riverboats. (Thank God for battery power on the pc and gameboy...we can last till sun up!) Obviously, if you are reading this the problem has been solved and we have the wireless back up to post.

Thanks for your comments! Love to all, Leigh, JB, WB and DGB

6:52 Service restored....all is well....


Miss Val said...

I was showing Lacey the pictures and she noticed right away there was a new update, yea! WB may not be a fan of Planet of the Apes in the future. Ha! Ha! Lacey told us tonight she wants to adopt one day.

Enjoy breakfast, Monday will be here before you know it.

The Osbornes said...

JB left this blog address with us and it was thrilling to see the pictures and read all about your new precious one. I loved the WB story as I could just see his curious little spirit getting himself into a fix.

DoriGrace is a doll and can't wait to meet her.

It's blowing snow and iced over and all seems quite in the neighborhood.

Take care and hope to see all 4 of you soon.

Robin said...

OMG - will jones would have been right there with WB if he could. i can see it now, can't you? girl, i vote for the massage and manicure/pedicure, whatever you can take advantage of now cause you don't know the next time you will get the time! can't wait to see more to all!


Nadra said...

Leigh...looks like you guys are doing OK. Hope JB starts feeling better soon.

WB and Dori Grace are definetly related...the hair is a real give away. Love the new pictures. She's such a tiny little peanut and so, so cute.

Chuck and Jean Anne said...

Great post...even if it did involve vicious monkeys (anxiously awaiting those pictures!).

I too was blown away by the crazy wiring in the cities...enough to take several pictures of it. The economy continues to boom in Vietnam...hopefully the infrastructure can eventually catch up.

So glad to hear you are taking a riverboat trip in Can Tho. It was one of the more powerful experiences on our trip.

Dori Grace is such a beauty!

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