Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tooth Talkin' Trauma

So...WB has a 2nd grade dilemma. Teeth. (I know...2nd graders have big issues these days.)

It seems that the little girl in a neighboring desk, we'll call her Kim, has an aversion to teeth. According to WB, the mere mention of a tooth or two causes little Kim to scream hysterically for the teacher. Of course, this is the "boy" version and I can't be sure that he isn't teasing, poking, or antagonizing her in some way that he's not fessing up to.

None the less, I am thinking this is an easy one..."WB, just don't mention teeth. There are tons of other topics for your day. Just lay off the pearly whites. You know it upsets her, and I know you don't want to be mean, so just don't talk about TEETH."

"BUT MOM, how can I possibly go ALL year without talking about teeth? I have a loose tooth and when I wiggle it, Kim starts screaming for NO reason. FOR NO REASON! Will you please talk to Mrs. H about teeth talking and Kim's screaming for NO reason?"

Certainly that is a conversation I can look forward to for Monday. It should be really interesting to hear "the rest of the story." It's only the third week of school and kids lose a lot of teeth in second grade...poor little Kim may be in for a traumatic year!


Dianna said...

Natalie lost a tooth on the 2nd day of school! WB would have been impressed - it had TWO cavities, which she showed off to everyone while I tried to act nonchalant about my apparent failings as a parent and tooth-brushing instructor :)

Leigh said...

LOL! That would really have sent Little Kim running for cover!

WB had his first cavity last month...he doesn't even know he got a shot!! How'd they do that???

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

So funny! I say, "Wiggle all you want, WB! Miss Kim probably just LIKES to be teased by the boys! She might even give ya a kiss if you keep it up!" He stay a million miles away from her for sure with that one! :)

Kathy said...

The tooth story made me laugh hysterically! The poor kid didn't know enough never to tell boys what bothers you! LOL!

rachel said...

That is too funny! I guess we all have our phobias...I just didn't realize they start as young as 2nd grade!

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