Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's the Daddy When I Need Him?

Mama has certain skills. Skills that make her "da mama." She makes decisions, provides direction and discipline, cooks (doesn't clean enough), and above all provides the comfort and love that only da mama can. But, there are some things (lots actually) that da mama ain't very good at and in some ways, the gap between mother and son widens more every year.

Where do I begin? I'm not much for dinosaurs. At 4 years, WB was naming 30 different kinds of dinosaurs and identifying whether they were herbivores or carnivores. While I was insanely proud, I grew SO tired of those prehistoric creatures that Daddy became the permanent tucker because I couldn't stomach repeating one more dinosaur book!

Also..I can't transform. I don't transform. I am a transforming failure. I buy the blasted things, but I can't make the robot turn into a car. Ever. The year Daddy was away, WB got a huge beast-of-a-transformer for Christmas. Four hours of tears (mine not his) and frustration later, I resigned to take the stupid (stupid is a bad word) thing to work and have an engineer assemble the space ship. Transforming isn't an issue with Daddy here...he's a transforming genious!

Finally...what was I doing during all the science classes in my academic career? Nothing cements scientific ignorance like mothering a little boy. My little love is still of an age where he believes that da mama and Daddy know it all. (He has figured out that da mama can't fix it all, but he still has great confidence in Daddy.)

So tonight, Daddy is out of town and WB wants to talk about the meteor shower we are supposed to be able to see. ( I did hear about it on the weather so I am feeling pretty knowledgeable...I'm game!) After his bath, we load down with bug spray, grab our pillows and head for the trampoline in the backyard. We had everything but the popcorn--we were ready for the show.

"Mama, show me all the constellations you see." (, constellations...let's see...that would be natural science???)

"Baby, they all kinda look like the Big Dipper to me. What constellations do you see?" (Good save mama, I think you've fooled the bugger again!)

After half an hour, and no meteors (I knew we were early, but he still wanted to try), we retire for the night. WB is sad, "I wish I could have just seen one!", but tired and is quickly off to sleep.

Me...I'm off to Google constellations in anticipation of our next starry discussion. While I'm surfing, I also need the answer to, "Where is the tallest building in the world?" Hong Kong? Singapore? Heck, da mama doesn't know this stuff but I know that Daddy knows. That's the Daddy's job. And it is a job he does so well that I sometimes forget to tell him.

We miss you Daddy...and I promise, when baby girl arrives that you won't have to field the fashion and home ec questions and I'll never ask you to braid hair! Even though you will...cause that's how you are...and that's why you are our Daddy.


Dianna said...

What a sweet post about your husband. But you might want to prepare him for the dinosaur conversations with his daughter too - my 8 year old is obsessed!!! *lol*

Erin said...

How sweet is this? Yay for dads! I know I wouldn't make it without my hubby - with 3 boys around, my eyes start to cross with all of the boy stuff. The only thing I am really good with is the Diego figurines (because he has a rescue center that resembles a doll house) and now Mattel had to go and recall it! What's a mom to do?

Bring on the barbies is all I have to say. :)

Heather said...

Here's the color green (saw your request in your last post): Valspar Apple Tree Green which was mixed in interior eggshell Signature paint (I think by American Tradition) from Lowes. Just to be safe, I'd love to mail you a color swatch. I can't find the paint chip to save my life, but I can paint a little on some paper and mail it to you. Email me at and give me your mailing address.

stormy said...

I have been trying to tell my hubby this very thing. While he feels I need to be playing Man vs wild with them I remind him that mommy does lots of field trips, legos and other relatively clean fun things with our little guy. Thank goodnes God created a mommy and a daddy.

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