Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tagged - 10 Crazy Things About Me

Here's my response to Tricia's Tag...

1. I have an irrational fear of people wearing masks. I don’t know where it came from, it is unexplainable, but very real. Seriously, even my husband and son freak me out if they wear masks! I can't watch children trick-or-treating...they scare me.

2. I still have my calendar from the year my husband and I met. (1986) My calendar entry shows that after knowing each other for three whole days, we had our first discussion about picking our wedding date.

3. I am a craft-a-holic! I have a craft closet with over $3K in paper, ink, scrapbook and cardmaking supplies and yet, I NEVER have cards ready for any occasion.

4. I am a reality TV addict! You name it, I watch it! I love Idol, the Amazing Race, Survivor, and all the crazy Bravo stuff. I am WAY too old for MTV but I love Run’s House! I DVR hours of shows a day and (even though I have to be at work at 7 am) I stay up to 12:30ish every night watching the shows I’ve recorded!

5. I don't really have feet "issues" but I can't stand it if my toenails get long enough to touch the inside of my shoes. They can't rise above my toe at all...it grosses me out!

6. I can’t sleep unless there is total darkness, white noise and air circulation. I sleep with the ceiling fan, an escalating fan, and two humidifiers running most of the time. I have to travel with earplugs, run the a/c constantly in hotel rooms, and shove towels under the door so the light doesn’t shine in. I don’t really have to have the best bed, but I HAVE to have darkness and noise control!!

7. I bite my nails…can’t quit…tried a thousand times. I stopped smoking years ago, but I can’t stop biting the nails! I generally wear artificial nails, but I bite those and pull them off too. (It is my greatest embarrassment!) I go to the salon every Wednesday just to try and keep my hands looking decently.

8. I love Water…love to drink it…love to look at it….love to swim in it….love showers, baths, rain…love the feel…love the taste…love the smell…. To me, besides LOVE, WATER is God’s greatest gift!

9. My home is clean and well-kept, except for my bedroom. It is a disaster area! (Not dirty dish or animal poop dirty…just clothes…books…kid’s toys, etc…still, it is pretty bad!)

10. It is physically impossible for me to empty a laundry basket. I can’t do it! I’ll fold the clothes and just pull them out as I need them. (Could this be a clue to the messy room?)

Way too much information about me! It is fun trying to think of what is unusual about me...unusual enough to be a little interesting but not totally embarrassing for the world to know. I look forward to following this game on, so I TAG my fellow Dillonite, Laura, at Three-Times-a-Mom!


Tricia & Kirk said...

Great Job Leigh; I knew you could do it! :) By the way, the laundry thing--I am exactly the same way. I hate putting away laundry.

The Varns said...

I agree with your #5. My tiny toe nails must stay short. Where is Rosemary Beach, FL? Trinity is just a little NW of Tampa. Down in REAL Florida lol.=)

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