Thursday, April 5, 2007

How is Your Adoption Going?

Someone asked today, "How is your adoption going?" It was an innocent, well-intended question but I hated it. I hate telling people...month after month..."we're still waiting." That response makes people uncomfortable...they don't know what to say. Neither do I.

Part of me wishes that we would have kept our adoption process a secret until we had our referral. I think it would have been easier. Guess we'll know better next time!

I am spending an increasing amount of time surfing for baby stuff. Of course, it is too early to buy anything but I LOVE looking. The above photos are my favorites for today....the Year of the Pig gift box and the "I am worth the wait" onesie and matching hat.


Dianna said...

I just tell people that we're getting closer to bringing her home. And I'll keep repeating that all the way until I receive a travel date... which will be many months from now *lol*

Waiting with you! Dianna

Dan and Elisabeth said...

I agree. It is so hard when they ask "any news?". We are waiting for travel and I probably get asked every day if I know anything. If only we would have kept it a secret and then poof had a baby! That would have been fun. Of course they probably would have wondered where I was for three weeks!

Amanda said...

I feel the same way. We just finished our first adoption and I will never again discuss it so much. I didn't even like the questions before we traveled. I don't have a date and people ask constantly "when"!!! If I weren't such a big mouth next time I would just appear with a new baby. LOL!! We are a Dillon family with their India program. Hope your process moves quickly.

Adoption Timeline

  • 01/01/08 - Home at Last
  • 12/24/07 - G & R
  • 12/18/07 - Travel
  • 12/7/07 - Travel Packet/VISA Authorization
  • 12/06/07 - I-600 Approval
  • 11/16/07 - I-600 Received for Review
  • 09/26/07 - Referral
  • 03/23/07 - Log in Date
  • 02/23/07 - Dossier to Vietnam
  • 02/08/07 - Dossier to Agency
  • 08/08/06 - Switched to Vietnam Program from China Program