Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Number 11

Someone that knows me very well read my 10 oddities and was very, very vocal about the fact that I left off the strangest thing about me. (Actually, I don't find it strange but it really seems to bother others.)

11. I call my husband by his first AND last names...ALWAYS. Whether talking about him, or to him, he is NEVER "honey", "dear", or even John, but ALWAYS John Booth. I say things like "John Booth, will you please bring me a glass of water?" Or, "John Booth and I went to dinner at Hideaway Pizza last night." If we are in a public place, like a mall or amusement park, I don't hesitate to yell, "John Booth" across the crowd to get his attention. It would never even cross my mind to just yell John.

What is even funnier? Now everyone in his life (outside of coworkers) calls him by both names. Everyone.

What is even worst? I don't know how it happened, but I do the same thing to my kid. And, all his friends, neighbors and teachers call him by both names and he doesn't even catch on that it's fact, if he is trying to get someone else's attention (a friend or classmate), he'll call them by their first and last names.


And buried in the adoption blog is the adoption news of the day....We have our LID! Our paperwork was logged-in (in Vietnam) on March 28th. Woo Hoo!


Nadra said...

Congratulations on your LID. That's great news.


Heather and Michael said...

Congrats on your LID. HOpe you don't have to wait too long for a referral. Oh, I have a friend that goes by first and last name - Jane Crain. That is how she introduces herself and that is what everyone calls her.

Julie said...

Congrats on you LID. You are one step closer.

rachel said...

Congrats on your LID! That's fantastic! And tell John Booth congrats too. LOL

Adoption Timeline

  • 01/01/08 - Home at Last
  • 12/24/07 - G & R
  • 12/18/07 - Travel
  • 12/7/07 - Travel Packet/VISA Authorization
  • 12/06/07 - I-600 Approval
  • 11/16/07 - I-600 Received for Review
  • 09/26/07 - Referral
  • 03/23/07 - Log in Date
  • 02/23/07 - Dossier to Vietnam
  • 02/08/07 - Dossier to Agency
  • 08/08/06 - Switched to Vietnam Program from China Program