Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...New Us!

New Year, New Resolutions? Over the last few days, I've enjoyed listening to folks share both their resolutions and their opinions as to the relevance of resolutions. While I'm generally not a believer that big personal issues like weight, finance or lifestyle are good candidates to be addressed in a New Year's Resolution, I do find it beneficial to have "a list."

In case you're curious, here's mine.....

Things I want to spend time and effort doing in 2010:

*I want to concentrate on becoming a better photographer. I know, I know, that was on the burner for 2009 too. And, while I did make some progress, I've still got so far to go! One of the ways I want to "exercise my creative muscle" (as one of my idols says), is to do a "15-minute photo challenge" once a week. Shoot an interesting or ordinary subject for 15 minutes in a creative or challenging way. I'm looking forward to it.

*I want to blog again. My only question was: here, or at a new site? I'm kinda starting fresh again...hoping a few old adoption friends are still lurking...but I'm not really ready for a "photography" site. The problem is that back when I started changing the size of my photos, I lost some of my ability to change my format. (ie: sidebars) If I mess with stuff too much, my history (surprisingly, some folks still read about the best/worst day!) will be all jacked up. I realize that attempting to create a new blog might derail my blogging efforts so, for now, this will do. I've missed blogging. I've missed the outlet. I've missed the friends that didn't successfully transfer to the Book of Faces. Besides, my kids provide SO much the 10-year old falling of the toilet earlier this week...I just have to write those stories down and this is the best way. I am. NOT saying it will be everyday, but it will be regular so don't hate-just appreciate!

*I want to have a dinner party. Strange, I know. It's silly really. I have a perfectly lovely home. I have beautiful serving pieces and dishes. I'm a decent cook. BUT, having people over to my house (yes, sometimes even family) causes me to literally break out in a sweat. I want people to come over...really I do...but it just stresses me. I don't know why, but it seems to be getting worse every year instead of getting better. It is a weakness that I really gotta work on. So...this year...DINNER least 8 people. I gotta a whole year to plan...only eight people. Lord...I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight from worry...

*I want to get back to work on my Masters. I've only got 12 hours to hard can it be?? I just gotta get going again. Seriously.

*I want to go to a movie by myself. ( strangeness is showing!) My mom has always LOVED to sneak off to a movie alone. I've never "got that." When I walk into the theatre, I always seem to be drawn to those "alone" folks and I immediately think, "Oh, how sad...they didn't have anyone to come to the movie with." I know that isn't always the case, but I think that because that is what I believe people would think if they saw me alone. And really, who cares? Like the dinner party above (gulp), it is one of those things that seems harder to think about doing every year. They are like muscles or joints that haven't been moved and they are getting stove-up. The older I get, the more I become a dependent, creature of habit...I hate that.

*I want to complete my home improvement list! We built this house six years ago and with two kids and one dog, we are starting to show some date and wear. This time next year, we'll be in the market for a new home (final...last home ever!) so I've got to get some things updated. I also feel like the more I concentrate on the home, the more comfortable I'll feel, and the more comfortable I feel, the easier it will be to have people over. a dinner party. Sigh.

***What didn't make the cut? Let's see...I'm down 20 lbs from this time last year and feel like I'll continue in that direction (because, frankly, there is SO far to go!) so it ain't makin' the list. Besides, most weight loss programs borne out of a resolution or a "cold turkey" decision haven't been successful for me. We are moving in a good direction financially and I have reason to believe we'll continue in that direction since I'm driving. (Ha! Ha!)I want to be a more patient person...a more tolerant, flexible mom...a less nagging wife. (But I only want to put things on my list that I'm gonna be successful at...;-)


And now for coming attractions:

Sister's Hair - Goddess or Medusa?

and...for those that missed popular demand...the full account of 10-Year Old's Toilet Injury!

I know...the suspense is killing you.

Didn't ya miss me? (OK, all 3 of my readers please feel free to respond.)


Laura said...

I'm glad you're back! I was just thinking about you recently and hoping you'd write again... and here you are =).

Julie said...

She's back!!!!

Now please stay. I think you're a riot :-)

Anne said...

Wow... what a nice surprise to log on to my reader this morning and see you've started up again. I've given it some thought myself, but I just can't ever come up with interesting content. Sigh...

I will enjoy looking for your updates sister. Love you!

Heather said...

You absolutely must blog again! You are so funny! Anyone would love to have a dinner party with you!!! Can't wait to see the decision on little one's hair. James wants me to pierce C's in today! Now I'm the one breaking a sweat.

Heather M.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Seriously, you are blogging again?!?! Yipee! Please don't tease us, keep it up!!!

Dianna said...

Whoo! You're blogging!

About that dinner party... did I tell you I'm coming to OKC in June??? Just sayin'.

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