Friday, July 10, 2009

Where does time go?

Two years ago this week, we were enjoying a beach vacation with out bff's. We'd found the perfect spot, Rosemary Beach, in the Florida panhandle. We'd found (what we believed at the time to be) the perfect house. My dad joined us and we had a week of sun and shrimp (or schrimps, as I like to call them), but something was missing.

We were anxiously waiting for the referral of our daughter. The 4th of July week was an amazing week of referrals and we were excited to move up the list from #9 to #4. Our little girl was beginning to seem "real." We dreamed of future trips back to Rosemary Beach, traveling with a little brown-skinned girl. We were sure she'd love the water, sand, surf and schrimps...and we couldn't wait!

Last week we were back for our big 4th of July celebration. Still on the same street but at a beautiful house next door to the original one. We expanded the crew (two other families of friends in "our" old house) and, of course, we were beyond blessed to have Papa with us again.

It was a perfect week...schrimps every night dinner, Lemon drops, Canasta games and Little Sister up at 6 everyday and ready to hit the beach in her pj's for a morning walk. She handles the heat and sun like a champ. She never tires of the water and the waves. She tries to boss everyone in the house around. She screamed through every shot, but she COMPLETES the family portrait.

Oh, and she hates schrimps but we're gonna keep her anyway.

Donna, thanks for your comment. We love Avery...She's been our hair-inspiration!


Laura said...

What a beautiful picture... of a beautiful (and now complete!) family!

Kim said...

Gorgeous family picture!!!!

Dianna said...

Completes?? Are you SURE? lol

Lovely picture of a fabulous family. Can't wait to see all of you again.

Julie said...

Love the family picture. Perfect for your Christmas card this year.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

LOVE the pictures!

Have you received the bows from ebay yet? I would love to see them modeled on that cute little girl :o)

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