Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two O'clock and All's Well!

I'm a night owl. Love the evening. Love the quite stillness of the house. Love sitting up in bed with my laptop...admiring photographs, making friends, discovering the wealth of resources available on the internet, finding bargains (even though I can't spend this month!) and dreaming of new lenses. I just love the night. I'm generally ready to drift off to sleep a little after 11:00. But, not recently. Recently, I can't sleep...at all...until at least 2:00.


It doesn't make me happy...

I'm tired...

I need sleep...


The time change has me reeling. I glance at the clock constantly. Every hour, on the hour, as though I am waiting on the night watchman to proclaim, "Two O'clock and All's Well!"

Maybe tomorrow I'll exercise, or take a PM medicine, or have a little drink. Maybe tomorrow...because somethings gotta give.

Twelve O'clock and Leigh's Tired!


Kim said...

Me too...I am having troubles sleeping lately and I find that I am quite the grouch during the day.

Anonymous said...

your photos are amzing. what kind of camera and lenses are you using. I am planning to upgrade mine from simple digital compact to something more sophisticated. Thanks for the blog. Lee

Heather said...

That's rough, dude. Hope you get some quality sleep soon.

Julie said...

We're all out of whack here and my butt's dragging because of it.

If you find a recipe for sleep clue me in because I'm wiped out.

Heather said...

I can't function on less than 8 hours. I don't know how you are doing it! Hope you get some rest soon.

Heather M.
Glad you are blogging again!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I had one of those nights last night. Up until 3. And of course then I can't sleep in!!!

Leigh said...

Lee...I am using a Canon xsi with a 50 mm 1.8 lense. I also have a Canon point and shoot A610. It is a great little camera and I started learning to shoot manual on it. I like my xsi, but am alreay wanting to upgrade...but I want so many lenses, I'm gonna have to keep this body for a while. Good Luck!!

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