Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding My In-Betweens

I don't know what happened...well, maybe I do...but, maybe that's not the point.

About 15 years ago, I lost track of some folks that had been a foundation for me before JB and I got married. They weren't high school friends, they weren't college friends, they were my "in-betweens". We were brought together through chance and circumstance. I had dropped out of college (for the 1st and started working in a customer service job my brother found for me at the city paper. It was there that I met Tim. We had an instant connection. We laughed until we cried...which wasn't an easy task since it was 6:00 am on Sunday morning and people were screaming at us because their paperboy missed them. At any rate, my work friendship with Tim blossomed to include his friends, a couple of whom joined us at the paper and contributed to the funniest time of my life.

Tim, Ward, Shaun and Jennifer had been friends for years. Childhood friends that survived high school and college, boyfriends and girlfriends, and several "in betweens." They were different as night and day. Each one unique, each one original. A group that you would look at and wonder, "how, exactly, are they friends?" But, once you met them, you knew their connection was something special.

I loved these folks...and I lost them. There was no argument, no big fight, nothing, just life changing and people drifting. Over the years, I've thought of them often, missed them terribly, and wondered where they were. I knew "they" were still together...and if I could just find one...

And then came Facebook....

I found Tim in Australia and the others spread across Texas. As luck would have it, we are gathering in Tulsa for a special event next month. (CAN.NOT.WAIT!) Just being back in touch with them has brought back a piece of ME...a piece that I missed terribly!

Today, Shaun drove up from Dallas and went to the zoo with me and WB. It was a great day! Here are my favorite pictures of the day. (WB took one of Shaun and I, but it is too blurry to post so we'll get one next time!)

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