Monday, March 30, 2009

The Boy

Today, I was struck by how beautiful he is. Just looking at him makes me happy.

Even when he challenges me. Even when he tests me.

He causes my heart to swell with love, happiness...and pride.

After thirteen years of marriage, I was SO overjoyed to be pregnant. I had hoped, even prayed, for a boy! (Thought that might be eaiser than a girl...eight year later we've proved that to be fact ;-) At the time, I didn't have a clue about how he would change me, or what he would teach me.

And now, it is so hard to believe that he's nine and that he wants to grow longer hair and wear skinny jeans. That he wants to be a rock star and that he likes girls. But, he still always treats his sister with kindness, he still thinks his dad can do anything, and (most importantly) he still wants to live next door to his mama when he grows up!

See...the blog's not "just about Sister"!


Heather said...

Oh great picture! Yes, boys are challenging, but always Mama's Boys (Thank Goodness!!!)

Heather M.

Anonymous said...

Who knew our hearts could hold so much love? My nine year old daughter plans on coming back home with her husband to live after she gets married. I hope she doesn't move too far away. It is a sweet time, isn't it?
Carla C

Anonymous said...

We're waiting for an update to your blog.
Nanny and Papa Austin

Anonymous said...

Waiting for an update. Has facebook taken over your world?

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