Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kill A Flash!

Last night, JB and I took the boy to see Walking With Big Prehistoric Creatures. While the boy found it to be very entertaining, I was a little disappointed. We opted for the best seats on the cheapest night, the opening. ($179.70 total for all three of us) Not a cheap night by any means!

While I love the Ford Center, I get annoyed by the variety of food they serve and all the smells that I am forced to endure (not to mention the SMACKING) from those around me. But my real problems didn't start until the lights went down and the flashes came out. Sitting "in the round", I was constantly distracted by flashing cameras across the arena. In addition, there were several folks around me with new Christmas camera, EYEphones, etc, that either didn't bother, or didn't care, to read the manual to learn to take a picture without their flash. SOOOO inconsiderate!!!

The show was interesting, great music and sound effects, and an engaging narrator. The creatures themselves were both impressive and disappointing. I'd seen the commercials and ads and was lead to believe they were "robotic", but the larger ones actually have little sled-like, car-thingies under them with a guy driving. The smaller ones are little guys running around in a costume. I wanted them to be big remote controlled creatures so I could get lost in their wonder, and instead I was distracted by their humanness.

Anyway, the show is informative and the boys loved it. We had a great evening and more than anything, WB really seemed to thrive on having all our attention...just like the old days! So, for me...completely worth it.

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Heather said...

Hmmmm, this looks very interesting/kinda strange. I'm sure my boys would have loved it too though!

Heather M.

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