Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dealing With Ice and Snow

I guess the only one really dealing with ice and snow these days is JB. He's trapped at home with the kids enjoying some QFT (Quality Family Time.)

Everyone knows that the rules change when Dad is in charge. What is funny is that I called home to check on things in late morning. Sister was napping and WB was out sledding down our driveway. As I was on the phone with JB, I had a call come in on my other line. I flipped over to a winded WB. Ever the politician, he was calling me(because he knew he was gonna be in trouble) as he walked home from the neighborhood park (where he didn't have permission to be) to beg me to override the discipline that he knew would be coming from his Dad. Like I have that power? LOL. Anyway, Dad made him come inside for a lecture, to warm up, have lunch, and read for 30 minutes and then the OLD softie let him out again for the afternoon.

Here's WB (looking like a mini 1980's super hero) in the snow...

Entertaining Little Sister on a snow day is a little more challenging because she screams every time brother heads outside.

Laundry-basket-bumper-cars in the middle of the kitchen is always a good idea.

Finally a picture from the weekend. Can someone please explain how this happened?

Our 17-month old suddenly discover a pacifier!! (Actually, it really just a passing fancy, but I couldn't resist getting a picture.)

Stay safe and warm....


Laura said...

What's with laundry baskets?! They can entertain my kids for ages too! Sled, cage, baby bed... they're good for all kinds of things - oh, yeah, and laundry =).

The Efirds said...

We didn't get too much bad weather. It did rain here most of the night and yes most of it is frozen now, but the roads in front of our house aren't too bad! School is canceled again today though! Hope you guys are having a great snow day as well!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

Hi.... I just found your blog via a friend of yours... I was sharing about our international adoption in the works from Kazakhstan...and was told about your precious baby girl...
We are from central OK... and I can't wait to read more about your adoption story later... so glad I found your blog...
Blessings and your kiddos are adorable... what a blessed family!!

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