Monday, December 8, 2008

Strep Throat, Santa and Senior Pictures

I am home from work today with WB. He has strep throat for the 100th time. It always seems to happen on weekends and holidays so we are going to have to move the pediatrician toward getting the tonsils taken out, hopefully over the Christmas holiday.

Why is it, every time a doctor says my kid has strep throat, MY throat starts to feel like it is closing and I start having trouble swallowing. I'm such a sympathetic mother, that's it, right?

We are really struggling with "Santa" this year. When I shared Dianna's concept on Christmas with JB, we immediately decided we'd adopt this philosophy for our family gifts:

"Something you want,
Something you need,
Something to play with, and
Something to read"

I am excited about scaling back. WB hasn't exactly been "on the good list" this year, so we are still torn about what to do with the jolly fat man in red. I sometime wonder if I disciple too much. We seriously remove big privileges for his birthday party last month. WB is a great boy at home, but is less than model at school. I can't see with-holding Santa on what may be his last year to "believe." There will; however, be dinosaur poop in his stocking. (Our interpretation of "coal".)

Finally, even though I didn't want to, even though I fought the grip...I have been captured by FaceBook. I've "found" friends that I lost 20 years ago. Last night, I did some digging in the one box of old photos that has survived all my moves. So...for your viewing senior picture:

True vintage 80's photography...why do I look drunk?


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one with sympathy pains. I have a tingle in my throat that I swear is the beginning of strep. lol

Your senior picture was actually fairly contemporary. I had the chin on the hands thing while looking dreamy to one side. No way am I ever sharing that.

Laura said...

Aside from the hair you look very much the same! (That's a compliment!).

Vickie said...

That was great what Dianna said. We do something similar but limit the gifts under the tree to three for each child. We look at it this way...the holiday is about Christ's birth and the Three Wise Men brought Him three gifts so why not three gifts for everyone else. We have done this for years.

Through the year I do pick up cool things for their stockings but they only get 3 wrapped main gifts. WE always ask them for something they need and something they want.
With teenagers and a young adult it gets a little tricky trying to get things for them. It was much easier when toys ruled.

Your son sounds so much like my oldest when he was WB's age. He was always sick with strep and they had similar issues at school too. Ask Miss Val sometime she can fill you in.

Anonymous said...

Um, my guess is the reason you "look" drunk may stem from mixing low quality alcohol in your soda cans at school. Oh wait, was that me... Anywho, good luck with the sickness and santa stuff. Hopefully I have a few years ahead of me before I have to deal with that one. Oh (how many times am I going to say that) my sis had her tonsils out due to recurring strep and it worked wonders for her!

Heather said...

I hope the strep throat is getting better now & little one didn't catch it! My boys are toots too....this year is better than last though; I think one of mine got lucky with a teacher who has a sense of humor!

Heather M.

Dianna said...

I'm having my own issues with Santa. The two youngest? No problem. The oldest? Right now she's in serious jeopardy.

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