Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More International Than We Knew...

So, the other morning, I was getting ready and Little Sister was sitting in her high chair. (Yes, she must be contained in her high chair in my bathroom...it is the only way I can get ready in the morning..a model of fine parenting, that's me.) Anyway, in comes big brother:

"Hey, Irish Girl. I said, Hey, Irish Girl"

"WB, why are you calling Sister, "Irish Girl?"

"Because Miss Magee (music teacher)went to Ireland over summer vacation to take pictures and she showed me a picture of a girl that looks just like Sister. She looks like an Irish girl, she's OUR little Irish girl."

Uh...yeah...well, honey, she's Vietnamese.

I suppose there are some things we don't know about Sisssy's family tree; however, some how I think it is safe to say she's not a member of that ever growing ethic group...the Vietnamese Irish.

But, maybe....

Toora Loora Loora is her favorite lullaby!


Anonymous said...

I love this shot of the boots and puppy tails. I will have to share my new recording by the Celtic Thunder. After you hear it you will wish you were Irish. I know it has to be in here heritage!!!

Laura said...

Pretty cute! It seems to me that it takes a long time for kids to really notice differences in ethnicity. Our Alyssa (6) still thinks that she and Reagan are twins. It's probably time to explain to her exactly what twins are, but it just makes me smile =).

Heather said...

She could pull it off...she's too cute! Really beautiful photo! Diggin' those boots! I'm going shoe crazy!

Heather M.

Willis said...

I thought we were the only one's who sung that song. We love that same lullaby!


viathemidwest said...

That is hilarious! Plus take it from someone who technically is Irish, it isn't about how you look - it is about always being right. That make someone truly Irish - oh and being full of BS.

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