Monday, November 24, 2008

If You Can Train A Dog, Can You Train A Sister?

I'm taking a little flack for failing to keep my blog updated. (My small readership is apparently much more faithful than I give them credit for.) It's funny though, once you get out of the blogging habit, it is hard to get back into it. Reading blogs...that's the easy part. But, I'll try to do a little better...

What's new with the Booths? Well, our little man turned 9 (NINE!) on Friday...where does the time go? And, little sister turned 15 months on Saturday...again, where does the time go?

WB lost the privilege of having a birthday party for skipping school. Yeah, that's right...skipping...and he's NINE...technically EIGHT on that day! See, WB hates the mandatory Friday morning assemblies and decided to just hide on the playground rather than go in when the bell rang. School starts at 8:45...they "found" him at 9:15! And, in his mind, this made sense! Scary, I know!

Little sister continues to amaze us with how tough she is. She currently has about 4 bruises on her face from various falls and bumps, and she almost never sheds a tear for anything like that. But, take something away from her or don't let her have her way and all heck will break loose! She goes to the doctor on Wednesday and we are hoping that she tops 17 lbs. I'm also hoping that we can get off formula and turn the car seats around. I know that her language is a little behind, but she seems to be very bright and follows directions (when she wants to) so I'm not worried.

If her brother has anything to do with it, she'll be catching up soon. He seems to think that, like his dog, his little sister is trainable. Just this morning I caught him working with her:

"Sissy...Sit...Sit....SISSY SIT!"

"Sissy...Rollover....come on Sissy...ROLLOVER!"

Not exactly the type of skills she needs to be mastering, but it gave me a good laugh this morning. Let's just hope he has better luck with her than he does with that damn dog!


Laura said...

I hope you get to turn that seat around soon too! We finally reached that milestone with Reagan a couple of weeks ago at the ripe old age of TWO. She didn't seem to mind facing back, but the brother or sister sitting next to her did mind the kicks in the face when she decided she needed to stretch her legs. Oooh, you just provided me something else to be thankful for =).

jjm said...

Do you think WB could come to my house to teach Bex to "stay"?

Dianna said...

Oh dear, between WB's skipping school and Natalie's frequent visits to the principal's office, perhaps a prom date isn't such a good idea :)

And DG sounds just like Pheebs. Bright as a new penny, but behind in the ol' language dept. I have some great tips from the therapist if you'd like. Email me! Or message me on Facebook, since that's where you'll be spending all your time now that you've discovered the wonders of Bowling Buddies!!!

erinstepstones said...

DG sounds like such a hoot. I can't wait to meet her! Spunky kids are so fun...

Anonymous said...

We're so glad to read this blog. Sounds like you're having fun at your house. We're looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing you all!
Mary and Bob

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