Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Word Challenge

Ever try something and just plain suck at it? Something something an elementary student could do...and just plain S.U.C.K. at it?

Then, do ya ever get obsessed? Real so obsessed that you can't stop thinking about or doing the thing that you are so bad at doing?

Why do I ALWAYS do that? Is it normal? (Ok, not a fair question...I'm not "normal")

So, here's an example. One day (back in college), I ran into a friend of mine that was juggling. I asked if he'd show me how. He did. I was terrible...balls were flying everywhere. And yet, I just couldn't let it go. I couldn't just say, "Man, I'm terrible at that." NOOOO!!! I have to go to the TG&Y and buy three little rubber balls and stay up ALL night for like three days until I could juggle. (And my parents wonder what I learned in college and how I spent their money???)

I won't even go into how many eggs I broke learning to be competitive in a good egg toss. (The skills I have...I tell you....) When I "can't" do something, I just "can't" let it go.


Why did I have to open Faceb00k and see that someone was playing a game called Word Challenge? WHY?????

I'm TERRIBLE!! Lowest score EVER! It is so simple...and I suck...and I can't STOP PLAYING!!! I can't form three letter words...the clock is ticking...Oh, the pressure....It is maddening!!!

And, as if I don't have enough to I must stay up ALL night playing this stupid game because my score is out there for the WORLD to see and it is the lowest score of EVERYONE I know that has ever played the game!! I'm not stupid people...apparently I just act that way on the internet!!!

I so need a life...


Tomorrow...answers to your questions about my life. update to the blog intentional oversights.


Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOVE that game!!! I get really obsessed with word games though. Don't play the brain game. It's really hard. I had to get my 14 year old to up my score so I wasn't labeled a dummy. lol

And fair warning - never play against Lisa Banh on ANYTHING. She always wins.

cupfar said...

Hey hey! What's this about throwing my name around? :) Only because I have so much free time - no kids remember? Ha ha.. no wonder no one else plays with me now! Practice the game with me - it'll get you feeling more challenged! :D

rachel said...

I cannot play games like that on the internet because I will NEVER stop.

Forgot to tell you, I have accepted your daily blogging challenge. Oh, the pressure! ;)

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