Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day One - Yard Pig

This little friend joined us last Spring. We picked her up at the Farmer's Market one Saturday morning. She sits out under the tree in the yard. I love her expression! (She reminds me of Wilbur...she's "Some Pig".)

(Just ignore the pathetic, dying flowers..they've been replaced with pumpkins now anyway....)

You know, I've never really collected anything, seriously "collected" anything. I had a brief "cow" (don't ask) phase in late high school. I've always secretly wished I had a "collection"...something of interest, of value, and of just never happens. I lose interest, I lose space, or something else just comes up. The pigs however, are staying...they're for Little Sister anyway.

I've always thought that what people collect says a lot about them. (I don't really know what...but it says a lot.) DoriGrace's collection of pigs, when she'll be the smallest thing around, will probably be curious to some even though she has the whole "Year of the Pig" thing going.

But...I'm just now thinking...what if she grows up to hate pigs? Oh my...I guess that will mean that I'll finally have a "collection." So, what about you?

Anybody out there with an interesting collection??


Anonymous said...

I once deemed the elephant as my favorite animal and a "collection" followed. Most of them are wrapped up and stashed away due to no room. But my grandfather did have a large ivory elephant (made wayyy back in the day - I no way endorse this) that I did inherit. Kind of cool in a unique way. I would also like to collect money if anyone wants to help me with my new "collection"

cupfar said...

Hmm.. now I'm afraid because I have this crazy thing for elephants too! Haven't stashed them away quite yet... there's something in every room practically, big or small! Even was trying to create a nursery with the elephant theme! Amy Coe used to have this awesome set, but it's gone now and changed to pink, not gonna work with my little Anson! The pig in the yard is soooo cute!

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