Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day Four - Daughter/Dog/Pig

Pigs...we've got tons...I had plans to show piggy plates, stuffed pigs, porcelain pigs, pig cups and spoons, and I promise I'll catch up with a pig slide show sometime soon.

However, right now, I'm just sharing the daughter/dog/pig from Halloween. See, being the unorganized, overloaded, and slightly scatterbrained mother that I am, I neglected to "plan" for costumes. That's right...Mother of the Year...can't plan ahead (even 3 days) to order the dang things on-line! So, we improvise this year, or should I say pig-provise.

Sister had a piggy mask but she wouldn't wear it. So, I was gonna just dress her in pink and pin the dang thing to her or something lame like that. (Yea, I was pretty disappointed in myself.) At lunch, I decide to run out for one last try, just to see if anything is left. Just so you is hell to look for costumes on Halloween!!

So, I found "a costume." I rush back to work to try and finish my day so I can leave early to start the family festivities. A group of co-worker are standing around talking about their kids and their plans for the evening. One of my co-workers asks,

"What's DoriGrace gonna be for Halloween?"

"A Pig."

"Did you get a costume?"

"Yeah, I got a dog costume."

"I thought you said she was gonna be a pig?"

"She is...a a dog costume..."


Those holes weren't intended for "pig tails", they are for dog ears. Yes, our 16 pound little girl wore a pig costume made for a 15 pound dog. And, it was the cutest thing EVER!

You gotta love the Red Bulls-Eye...they have everything!!


Heather said...

That's awesome! :)

Dianna said...

Oh My Gosh - that is the funniest thing I've ever heard! THAT story needs to make the rounds at her high school graduation :)

viathemidwest said...

Brilliant! I'll go ahead and frame that mother of the year award for you. I keep all of mine in frames.

The Efirds said...

We have about 8 weeks give or take a couple left! We're hoping and praying that we get to go right at Christmas! What a gift that would be!!! Sweet piggy by the way!!

Jessica said...

Too Funny! Too Cute too!

erinstepstones said...

CUUUUTE! That worked out perfectly!!! She is indeed the cutest little pig I have ever seen!

Scott and Leslie said...

What a cutie pie!

BTW: You have been tagged on my blog!!!

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