Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Official...

I'm Old...very Old...really Old.

As if the shear number (44, but who is really counting?) isn't enough, I seem to be recently overwhelmed by signs that, I am truly, completely, and desperately...very old.

Case in point: Facebook. Can someone please give me a lesson? I don't get it!!! My BF from high school (Hi Jennifer!) visited last month from Ireland. She went home and sent me a "Facebook" email..."see me on Facebook". So...I log on...which apparently opens an account. (Who knew??) Now I have all these Facebook emails. (Thanks for wanting to be "my friend", I'm so flattered...I just don't get it!)

Seriously...I've just figured out this blogging mess! Now everyone is bailing on me and heading to "the Book."

I'm so old....I'm trying to figure out the technology for Elements and my new camera here...I don't have time for the Book. Besides...I'm mean, it is so 2005...isn't it?

OK...I'm off to make some warm tea and honey with a prune chaser and to figure out the Book. (Besides, who really blogs on the weekends anymore??)

By the way...I'll accept all friend invitations (I got that part figured out), just don't expect me to "invite" you to anything. I'm far too old for that....


Vickie said...

I have been on facebook now for over four years. If I can do it believe me you can too and I am four years older than you! If you can get your blog looking so awesome you can do facebook. Trust me! Email me if you have questions.
Love the new look.
Vickie aka Ms Val and Jules sister.

Dianna said...

I simply can't do it. I can't. I already neglect my children horribly in my quest for bloggie popularity! What if I went to Facebook and no one wanted to be my friend? Oh dear... I can sense technology leaving me behind...

Kim said...

YOu are cracking me up! It took me a while to get into facebook, I signed up and just didn't get it. But I tried I am an addict! As you can see, I have totally neglected my blogging duties, no one reads it anymore anyway.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny. Facebook is way more simple than the snazzy blog you made. I still don't get THAT.

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