Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sharing the Journey

Every time I ignore this site for too long, I'm gently reminded that there are still folks that check on us. Even though I sometimes wonder how long I'll keep this up, I am humbled that you take the time to read this and comment on "our" little corner of the world. So, I guess as long as there's a HOO in HOOVILLE....


Lew, Lo, A, W and J

We had a great holiday! Granted, not quite as picturesque as last year but still a good time. As we floated in the pool and pondered family traditions and the beach vacations in our future, I smiled when Aunt Lo asked, "Remember this time last year?" Of course I did...we were enjoying a great vacation, on a perfect beach, in a lovely house, private pool, beautiful weather... I waited for her to begin what I thought would be a trip down memory lane, recounting the adventures of our joint family holiday vacation. Instead, her comment caught me off guard a little, "We were moving up to number 3!"

Of all the things to remember, of all the holiday associations, Lo remembers what was most important to me last year. Last year, we were deep into the wait for our referral that would match us with DoriGrace. Lo and I spent a fair amount of time floating (cause we're floaters, Lo and I, we love to float) and talking about having a "baby" around again since A,W and J, (along with WB) were getting older. We talked about diapers at the beach and "floaties", and we talked about what "she'd" look like and how "she'd" enjoy the sand. And this year, we were afloat on rafts, land-locked in Oklahoma but lucky enough to have PaPa's pool, and we were able to glance over at "our" little girl, lounging in her floating lily pad. (She's a winner! She loves to float too!!)

What a difference a year makes!

And, how blessed are not only have our girl, but to have loved ones in our lives that care enough to share our most important journeys...


Anonymous said...

Wow, You really know how to make a girl cry. The jones had an awesome 4th with the Walker-Booth's. We wouldn't have been anyplace else. Just glad we got us another floater to add to the bunch!!!! XOXOXO Lo and Lew

rachel said...

Just precious. I'm so glad you have your girl floating around with you this summer. :)

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