Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Updates...Here, There, and Everywhere


We have finally received notice from the health department that Little Sister's case is "CLOSED!" Woo Hoo! After over six weeks of waiting, the Petri dish grew the resistant strain of TB. Translation...her lymph nodes were filled with BCG and not "real" TB. more more pink more pooping on the Mama in public places...(well, we hope anyway!)

We have a healthy girl. 100% more more questions!! We are blessed beyond measure!


I was so happy to get this picture and a note from Heather via email last week. The staff in Vietnam were very thankful for the update and pictures of DoriGrace. Heather was kind enough to print out pictures and a message from us and take them to CanTho with her. I appreciate you and I am so happy to see you united with your daughter after a LONG wait!


BIG, SERIOUS, and HUGE Congratulations to Cousin Jill and her charming husband, Medium (Bill), on the birth of their precious son, Little (Bill)!! Woo Hoo! For this day, we have PRAYED!!!


ourfamilyfun said...

Oh I am SO VERY happy for the wonderful news! What a relief for your family. Dori Grace is just so precious! Also I love the picture of the nanny looking at the picture. So sweet!

Kim said...

That is WONDERFUL news! I am so glad that she is healthy and you can put this behind you. I tell you, right now...our house is the place to be....we are stock full of games, we are building inventory. Looks like we are a go for Sept 1, or possibly earlier!

Heather said...

Oh, you are so welcome!!! It was a blast to see the nannies react to all of the pictures. I hope to be able to send some of Caleigh with the next CanTho travelers!!! DG Is a CUTIE! Have a great summer!

Heather M.

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