Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Happy 1st birthday Dude! I'm so sorry we missed your party! I was really looking forward to seeing your sweet face. I've missed you!

I've been thinking alot about you lately...remembering our first days together. Lounging in the tropics, laying under the ceiling fans in the big yellow building, sipping a little formula...staring into each other's eyes. You, dressed in that charming purple striped onesie (although my mom didn't get a picture of you in it!), in the unforgettable red, white, and blue "All Star Pup" outfit.

We'd daydream about our families, and we waited, and waited, and waited to meet them. Boy, did we luck out or what?! Ain't life grand here in OKC?! (Even if you do have FIVE sisters!)

I was wondering if your hair was growing? I sure hope your mom finds time in her busy schedule to post a couple pictures of you so that I can have one to stare at as I plan our future!

Take Care Big Boy,


Your future girlfriend,



The Efirds said...

Too Cute! She's is absolutely precious!!!

Kim said...

Too funny! See ya this weekend!

Dianna said...

OMG! The hair! Can't wait to see you all this weekend :)

Nadra said...

OMG....LOVE the pig tails!!!

David, Shelly and the girls said...

offer accepted! Glad you are okay with older men! See you soon I hope!
the Kademan

Heather said...

Holy cow, look at the pigtails! I don't even thing they can classify as pigtails! Looking forward to meeting the princess in person this weekend.

Anonymous said...

DG's hair is too cute! Love it and love the smile too! Love, Jill, Bill and Baby Hughes

Anonymous said...

How funny! And the pigtails too!

Julie said...

I am so loving the piggies. DG is just adorable.

Scott and Leslie said...

Now if that was't the cutest post! Happy Birthday Kaden! Your girlfriend, DG is absolutely beautiful!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Hey, Kade, you are gonna have some serious competition! David and Jettson will be in OKC soon! DG will be such the princess surrounded by all these boys catering to her every whim! :)

We missed the big 0-1 party too. :( We'll have to all get together later in the summer for a big blowout celebration. Personally, July 4th BBQ, burgers, and hot dogs is sounding absolutely mouth-watering to me after so much Vietnamese food! It's all been great too, but I'm sure I'm gonna be ready for a cookout by the time we get home! :)

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