Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Functionally Incompetent

Our Daddy left on a military trip on Daddy's Day and we've been lost ever since. Of course, those that know us, know the amount of effort JB puts into his kids. Case in point, last time I saw my brother (BIG), he says, "Where's the baby-sitter? He must have duty, huh?"

So, it's not REALLY that bad...OK, maybe it is.

Let's use Monday as an example:

*Both kids dressed, fed and delivered to day care on time. As luck would have it, both kids are at the same church during the summer. It is sister's regular day care and WB's YMCA Camp is in the same building. SOOO Lucky!! HOWEVER, upon arrival I realize that little sister has NO FOOD. NO.FOOD. (Pretty basic parental responsibility there...feed your kids...whoops.) Thank God for Miss Penny, she spots us some food and we are off to start the day.

*Arrive at work...on's a miracle. Thirty minutes into my day, my cell rings. I'm talking to my boss and I wouldn't normally answer it, but I don't recognize the number. I go ahead and answer it, good thing. WB is on the verge of tears..."Mom...I need $4 and my Y shirt, can you run home (a mere 20 miles) and get it? We are going to the movie. You forgot. I can't go without $4. Can you bring me $4?" (Only 4 blocks...inconvenient, but do-able). So I think....just a second. "WB, run down to sister's room and ask Miss Penny if you can borrow $4 for the movie." (Heck, she's fed one, she might as well finance the other!) God Bless Miss Penny.

*We make it home safely, but I have to call JB during the bath. "How do you get all the SOAP out of this kid's hair?"

*I collapse into bed Monday night. Of course, this is after sister finishes screaming because Daddy puts her to bed and frankly, she obviously believes I must not know what I'm doing!

*And we start again Tuesday: Food for both kids. (check) Glance at calendar, no field trip. (check) Load car, two kids. (check) Unload car, two kids. (check) And then, as I'm signing the boy into camp, the leader says..."Did you drop your check yesterday?" WHAT? SERIOUSLY? I have to REMEMBER to pay every week too?

It takes a village to raise Leigh Booth and her children. A very real village...and a very involved Daddy.

Hurry home dear...we miss you!


Heather said...

Thanks for the morning laugh, Leigh (sorry that it was at your expense). :) I believe in you! You can do it! How long is he gone? :)

Kim said...

Ok, now that I am finished laughing, I can SO feel your pain! Mark is gone 3-4 days a week, it just is NOT easy!

The Efirds said...

We need a village to raise our kids too! Last week I forgot water night at church. We had to call another little girl in Naia's class to borrow a swimwsuit! I don't know how mother's do it w/o a village!

Garrett, Heidi and Family said...

Always a laugh with you!

Thanks for the kind comments on the blog for Keaton. Everything went well, and I posted about it today. It is nice to have support from someone who has been there.

Hope your week gets better.


Our Family said...

Haha! So funny. You are so lucky to have a husband that is so involved in helping with the kiddos! How long will he be gone? Thanks for the laugh!

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