Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All Good In The Hood

We got great news yesterday...FINALLY! All of Little Sister's blood work came back "normal." Our fears that something might have been missed in your pre-adoption screening were relieved...no HIV, no Hep! I never came right out and expressed those concerns, but the type of infection DG had is most often found in those with immune issues. Since her testing was initially done in Vietnam, the infectious disease specialist recommended redoing everything. We decided it was easiest to do the blood work while she was out for surgery and I'm really glad we did.

The pathology is normal. We are still waiting to see what grows in the dish, but right now, the belief is that DG is going to be just fine and it doesn't look like any further medicine will be necessary.

How lucky are we???

I am ready to get that girl in her swimsuit and splash around in PaPa's pool...only two more weeks to go!


Happy Trails To You.....

I'm SO happy for those traveling this week, especially Paula and Bill who are traveling to bring their son, David, home. Rather than just making the adoption trip, the Cooks are doing a full-fledged Vietnamese adventure! I'm also really looking forward to following Tricia and Rob as they head to CanTho (and DoriGrace's orphanage) to meet their son, Liam! Shelley and Brian have waited (beyond patiently) for entirely too long and they are off to collect Sam.

Our prayers are also with Aunt LoLo and Austin as they enjoy their school trip to Washington, D.C. We'll miss you!

Safe Travels guys!!


Rob and Tricia said...

Hi, Leigh. So thrilled for your good news regarding testing.

Would you mind emailing me at

Anonymous said...

Yeah! We are so excited for your entire family. What great news! God is good! So happy for you all! Love, Jill, Bill and Baby Hughes

Courtney said...

I am so happy that everything is ok with your bundle of joy!! Can't wait until her big pool debut at Papa's pool.. Tell everyone hello and I will see all of you soon!!

Heather said...

Very Good News Indeed!!! I know you are resting much easier after hearing those test results!

Have a good weekend.
Heather M.

Jessica said...

WOOHOO! Congrats onthe clean bill of health!

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