Friday, May 30, 2008

This We Know...

I was glad to see the surprised look on our pediatrician’s face today when he walked in the exam room. It was as though he was saying, “You…again???” I’m so glad that he was with us for WB’s infancy and he “knows” us because sometimes I feel that otherwise he'd have me pegged as a real nut.

I greeted him with, “It's been seven whole days (Man, that’s a record!) since we last saw you and DG wanted to check in before the weekend.” I then explained our real reason for being there- that I was concerned about her incision and the surgeon was not in his office today. He took a look…said he was concerned too. (Yea! Validation! It’s not just my imagination!!)

He stepped out to make a few calls. When he came back, he’d secured a magical “no waiting” appointment back downtown at the hospital. I continue to be SO happy with our doctor! I told him today that I was SO thankful for him…I can ALWAYS get a same-day appointment, he listens to me, he refers when necessary, and MOST importantly, he can use the telephone!! (The whole process of waiting for letters and reports to be sent back and forth between doctors so they can be included in medical files is maddening!!)

Off we went to Children’s. The surgeon I saw said the area was very swollen, but he didn’t think it was infected. He explained that our lymph systems are designed to carry fluid and since they removed “a whole bunch” (strange, I thought they only took two) she was left with a little empty pocket that has collected fluid. He said that eventually, the body would adjust and the fluid would settle out. We should be OK unless she becomes cranky, runs a fever, or if the area becomes hot, hard, or red. (Can I get a Woo Hoo??!!)

Even though I didn’t get a full report of the blood work and test results, I did learn two very important (at least to us) things:

1. She had NO abnormal cell growth. (No tumor…thank you Lord!)
2. She did test positive for an “atypical micro bacteria”.

I may be corrected later, but I understand this to confirm that she really did need to have these nodes removed. Initially, I had struggled with having them removed because swollen nodes are a common side effect of the BCG vaccine and if DG’s nodes related to her vaccine, they would eventually heal on their own. (This may have take 6-12 months though.)

I assume this bacterium is the same kind that she had at the injection site. What we don’t know, but should know Monday, is what our next step is. DG’s file is on top of the stack for the infectious disease guy to review Monday and his nurse assures us that we’ll be priority.

So, we are back to waiting for one of two possible outcomes:

1. We’re done. Infection contained and removed. OR
2. We’re starting a long round of IV antibiotics.

I know this is a lot of info, but I’m sharing so much for a couple of reasons. One, this little princess has so many people that love, care and pray about her (many that I don’t even know) that I wanted to make sure no one was worrying. We’re OK…we’re good. And Two, I know many AP and PAPs have (or will have) BCG issues. We’re a strange case, a really rare case, but the story is worth putting out there for you guys in the hopes it many help someone else.

Thanks for checking on us...

I'm off to use as many of the $10 off (a purchase of $30) coupons as I can before Walgreen's closes tonight!


Courtney said...

Glad to hear the good news about D.G. I had such a good time over Memorial Day weekend with your family. It means so much to me that you all have accepted me as part of the family! Hope to see you all soon and I updated my blog just for you!!

The Efirds said...

So glad to hear that things are going well! Hope you guys get great news on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! from Nanny and Papa
Thanks for taking the time to update the latest on Dori Grace.
Tell Walker Booth to have a good week wherever he is and whatever he does. Have a great weekend and We Love You All!
Nanny and Papa

Anonymous said...

Great update! I know everything today (Monday) will go well too. Surely the doc will get you some more information. You are being a "big brave soldier"... keep up the good work! We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Jill, Bill and Baby Hughes

Jessica said...

That is great to hear. We will keep Dori in our prayers.

The Efirds said...

Hope you guys got great news yesterday! Thought about you!


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