Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Girl


Nadra said...

Too cute!!!

Vickie said...

Absolutely precious! A tiny princess! I hope you get some idea of what is going on with DGs arm. I will be praying the doctors have wisdom about this spot.

Garrett, Heidi and family said...



jjm said...

So, so, so sweet!

Lawyerish said...

She is SO sweet!!

And am I crazy, or does she sort of look like you?

I hope the green goo gets taken care of, although it's sort of fascinating to read about! :)


Heather said...

Lovely photo!! She's just darling!

Have you tried to locate a doctor that participates in an International Adoption Clinic near you? I know we found one in the Dallas area & we are very pleased. They see so many things that other doctors don't....It may be worth a shot. Katie or Jynger may have a list. Melanie Sherman in Dallas had a list for us. Good Luck!

Heather M.

Julie said...

I love the picture. Very cute!!

I agree with Heather's idea on the International Clinic. They are used to see a lot of things a regular ped wouldn't see. We have one close to us and have heard great things about them. Your local children's hospital should be able to help you locate the closest clinic to you.

Bob said...

Pure sweetness! Hope the mystery spot is cleared up soon.
Carla C

The Efirds said...

The no dryer thing is driving me crazy! I actually had a "line" hung this morning so I could dry a few necessities before it's fixed!

Jessica said...

She is so darn photogenic. Too cute!

Kim said...

What a beautiful picture!! I am so sorry to hear about the Green Goo and the sickness, I feel your pain!

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