Monday, January 14, 2008

Well Baby

We had our first real visit with our Dr. today. You may recall that he saw DG the day after we landed (Jan. 2) and diagnosed her with RSV and an ear infection. She has gained almost a pound since then! He did recommend that we move her off Soy and on to Good Start and temporarily add some dark Karo syrup to a couple bottles a day to help her with her BM issues. (I SO regret not pumping to feed this child! We could have skipped a lot of her digestive issues!)

He was amazed at the improvements she has made in the last two weeks. He said she has almost caught up developmentally and that by her next visit, she should be right on par! Unbelievable! He was very impressed with her attachment to me and how she looks to me for reassurance. He really things are isolation/bonding work has worked! WooHoo!

I forgot to take her shot record, so he just started with her 4 month shots. We'll get caught up next time if she is missing any. She was very happy, until she got poked 4 times! She also appears to have a couple of teeth on the way, so she's had a pretty miserable day. A great report, but a miserable day.

On a positive note, we seem to have found a partial hair solution. We'll see if we can get updated pictures tomorrow. That's it...we'll have a hair fashion show tomorrow! Now..if that isn't something for you to look forward to.....


Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Fantastic! A whole pound! :) Way to go girl! I bet you'll love the non-Soy stuff - Will slept sooooooo much better when he switched over to it! I'll cross my fingers on that one for you too! Last time I checked, you can get it at Sam's for about 1/3 less than the price of gold you pay at the grocery store! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad the Dr report was positive. I know you have really worked hard to make this as easy as possible for DG. Keep up the good work. We can hardly for this bonding to be to the point that we can get our hands on her.

We can hardly wait for the fashion show of the hair. Love to all.

Garrett, Heidi and family said...

Bring on the hair! I need to know this stuff. Right now I can be a little jealous.....Claire is VERY thin on top. Actually her head looks a little shiny in some pictures. I tell you girl and now no bows for awhile. Can't wait to see the new hair!!!! Heidi

Dianna said...

Way to grow DG! Phoebe isn't all that fond of the shots either - that girl can glare better than I can :) Phoebe would also appreciate any hair tips from DG. Can't wait for the fashion show!

Miss Val said...

Hi Leigh,

I have been reading everyday and bugging Lori with questions everyday but I haven't posted. I love all the updates and pictures. I can't wait to see you guys. I am so thankful everyone is feeling better.

Miss Val

Cindy said...

Karo Syrup? Was that to facilitate or to slow down? I may have to look into that! Sounds like the little one is doing great! So, glad to hear she is gaining weight! If nothing else my extended stay has helped with the bonding issue....Miki has bonded really nicely. keep up the good work!

Melissa Czaszwicz said...

That is so great, what a good report. Have fun with the teething :)

Kim said...

Glad you had a good Dr report, sounds like she is doing great. I am totally cracking up at the hair pictures! She is so CUTE!

Malia said...

send me an email for the address you are checking. need to update you on daycare.

Heather said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great! I had so much fun following your trip to VN! Please post the fashion hair show soon...I think it could be added to "the list of distractions" currently going on the forum!!! It's bound to be CUTE!
Heather M.

Nanny said...

I know you have been so busy. We are anxiously awaiting the pictures of DoriGrace. We're so glad she is feeling better. Tell everyone hi for us and we can't wait to see her again.
Love, Mary and Bob

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